AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Roaming Cadenza | "A Bard’s Folktale" | by Aramis Barron

This week our “Saturday Spotlight” is beaming down brightly onto author, Aramis Barron

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Bio – Aramis Barron is a United States Army combat veteran turned author, raised pretty much on Whedon and Indie Rock.

He’s spent the last several years writing music, short stories, and working on various other writing projects, but wanted to do something on a larger scale. This desire eventually ended up becoming the first of many manuscripts of the Bard’s Folktale series. The only greater passion he has than his writing is spending time with his children, whose imagination serves as a perpetual source of inspiration.

Blurb –

Indie rock shows, secret ninja missions, and more love polygons than the drama llama can shake a stick at!

Summer after high school graduation and nothing but the open road before him, Kody Lehane takes off on a road trip to find out what this whole “adulthood” thing is all about.

In an effort to help his old co-worker Glenn overcome his traumatic past, Kody, along with his good friend Charisma and his ex-lover Alma, will do whatever it takes to help Glenn find an answer.
They’ll stop at nothing, even if it means breaking old promises, betraying those closest to them, and retracing the steps of the dead.

A good time, and a guilty pleasure.

Link to book: Amazon USA | Amazon UK


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