Adapt or die! Welcome #SF #Horror #romance #author Rebecca Henry! @rebeccahenryaut #BlogTour #GuestPost

Hybrid Blog Tour with Rebecca Henry #horror #scifi #romance #thriller #rebeccahenry


Hybrid Blog Tour with Rebecca Henry #horror #scifi #romance #thriller #rebeccahenry
Hybrid: Adapt or Die
by Rebecca Henry
Genre: SciFi Horror, Romance

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I am delighted to welcome SciFi, Horror and Romance author Rebecca Henry to!

What kind of research do you do before you begin writing a book?

I actually devoted two years to solid research before I wrote Hybrid. It was imperative for me to include science and history-based facts in this book. Hybrid is a complex story filled with ancient aliens, time travel, hollow earth, alien autopsy, spelunking, radioactive weapons and a secret military base in Australia known as Pine Gap. I included government conspiracy theories along with creating four different environments, three new alien species, and their complex system that makes up their bodies. Most of my research was watching documentaries and the TV show Ancient Aliens. The other half of my research was reading science articles and books, so I would have as much accurate information in Hybrid as I could find. Hybrid has been by far the most time consuming and intense book I’ve written yet. 

What do you think about the current publishing market?

This is an important question to answer as an author. I see the publishing market as being entirely online. Growing up I found books at school, the local library, or the town bookstore. Over the years that has drastically changed. Now I find all my books online via Amazon, Goodreads, or other social media platforms. Having tools such as Instagram, websites, online ads, online book tours, and Goodreads, it all markets our books on a broad spectrum with the potential of reaching thousands of people all at once. I personally hired a Social Media Assistant to help manage my Social Media page so I can stay on top of promoting, but also have time to write my next books. Social Media is a necessary evil, you need it, but it does consume most of your time, taking away from writing. Authors today know how to hustle and work hard to accomplish their dreams. 

What inspired you to write this book?

I am the biggest fan of the TV show Ancient Aliens! I moved to Singapore in 2010 and my only way to watch TV shows was through Netflix. After the birth of my son I started watching Ancient Aliens during his nap time. I saw my first episode and was hooked! By the end of the first season I became inspired to write Hybrid. I spent the next couple years researching anything I could find on Aliens, autopsies, time travel, hollow earth theory, spaceships, cave diving, Pine Gap, etc. I combined different conspiracy theories from the show, mixed with more government theories from other documentaries and began to write the plot for Hybrid. 

Thank you!! 

Agent Van of the CIA is sent to an Australian underground military
surveillance base called Pine Gap. Agent Van finds himself thrown in
a conspiracy cover up of an ancient alien race known as species X. He
falls in love with Annika, a mysterious and uncommon woman who
displays unusual abilities, leading Van to question her own origin.
Mystery and horror explode around Agent Van during a cave diving
exhibition to search for a lost colleague referred to as Agent One.
The only clue for Agent Van and his team is a cryptic message carved
on a wall inside the bleak cave that reads “Agent One is gone. No
more Agent One.” Terror arrives as the agents are trapped inside
the ominous cave. Agent Van soon learns that there is more to Pine
Gap than Species X.
**Only .99 cents!**
Best Selling Amazon Author of Hybrid: Adapt or Die. Her debut novel was
The Lady Raven: A Dark Cinderella Tale, which was published in 2017.
The Lady Raven, is for those who have an infinity for fairy tales
retold with a link to witches, magic and the macabre. Rebecca’s
second novel, Louisiana Latte, a chick lit comedy was released
February 28th 2019. Louisiana Latte, is a feel good comedy that
focuses on the bonds of sisters, and how audacious life can be when
you have a diva for one! Rebecca’s third novel Hybrid: Adapt or Die,
is a sci-fi, horror, romance novel. It takes the reader on a wild
ride of government conspiracy theories, ancient aliens but also
touches your heart with a tender love story. Hybrid was released
August 1st 2019. Her fourth novel Conjure Lake, a ya, dark fantasy,
horror novel will be released in 2020. The entire first chapter is
included at the end of Hybrid first edition copies. You can find all
of Rebecca’s books on Amazon
Rebecca Henry is a world traveler living abroad in England. Besides being an
author, Rebecca is also a podcast talk host on
the show The Latte Talk. The podcast was inspired by her latest
novel, Louisiana Latte and her diva sister Deb. She is a serious
vegan, gardener, crafter, wife and mom who practices yoga. She loves
to laugh, her drug of choice and loves all things witchy with a hint
of the macabre. Her favorite holiday is Halloween and her favorite
movie of all time is Practical Magic.
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