AUTHOR NEWS: A Public Thank You

A Public Thank You
Hello everyone and Happy Holidays,

Today is a special day for me, as my long awaited fifth book was just released, one in a genre I’ve never written for public consumption. Love Immortal is a male/male historical vampire tale, with an exciting story and two luscious heroes to bring it all home. It’s the first in my Mysterious Moonlight series, a title given to me by my grandson, for whom one of the heroes, Sebastian, is named.

In getting this book out, I discussed, read about and watched a gazillion movies and TV shows about vampires. They are all different, but are all equally fascinating. My young grandson was particularly interested in whether my vamps would sparkle, the answer, even before you ask, is NO!

Stop by Brita Addams and tell me why you love vampires and you could win a copy of the book.

As the year winds down, as with every year, I am reminded of my blessings, of which there are many. My family, friends, even our puppy Fiona, who thinks she’s human and often acts as my muse, as well as herder of the two male cats who hate each other.
For me, though, this year has meant a dream realized. I’ve always written, from 6th grade on. Stacks of papers in ever-changing handwriting have littered my life, making me wonder what I was even doing it for – telling stories to myself, then tucking them away.
With the internet, I dared to venture forth at the end of last year. At my daughter’s behest, I opened up a Facebook page, which brought me back in touch with many people I’d gone to high school with and left behind in my many adult travels. Friends I started kindergarten with are now sending me photos of their grandchildren, much as I send them photos of mine.
More than that, though, I decided to follow a couple of authors I’d found, bought their books and even wrote to them to tell them how much I’d enjoyed their stories. Doggone, if I didn’t get an answer back! Wow, they are human, even though, surely, they have people who answer their e-mails for them.
Then one day, an author by the name of Keta Diablo friended me on Facebook. An author friended me! OMG! I looked her up and saw that amongst the things she wrote, there were a number of historicals, my particular reading drug of choice. I bought Dangerous Deceptions and Land of the Falling Stars and devoured them.
Then I got up the courage (no, I’m not terribly shy, okay, not shy at all, but I’m leery of intruding) and wrote, via a message on Facebook, to Ms. Diablo. My parents always taught me to address strangers in such a manner, surely, that is who she was, famous author and all. I praised her for her work and told her of my enjoyment of it. I also, gratuitously, told her I’d like to be her when I grew up, as I was a writer, too. 
She was terribly gracious and wrote back to me, thanking me and wishing me luck with my writing. I was like, OMG for days after, awestruck like the time I was kissed on the cheek by Mickey Rooney (true story).
With renewed excitement for my work, I polished my writing and prepared to send it off to a major traditional publisher, which I did. Wait, wait, wait and the day before my birthday, I received the rejection notice I knew I was going to get.
Several weeks later, I got an e-mail from Ms. Diablo, completely out of the blue, as we hadn’t communicated since my OMG moment. That e-mail changed my life. She told me that she’d spoken to Jill Noble at Noble Romance Publishing and told her about my writing. *Another OMG moment, when I realized that Ms. Diablo had actually READ something I’d posted on my website!* Now, she would have had to find the web address, go there and spend her precious time reading my words, then contact Ms. Noble, and then contact me. OMG! 
She further explained that Ms. Noble wished to see my manuscript. My manuscript, I questioned? I read the missive again and then did the happy dance (not a pretty sight) and screamed until the neighbors must have thought my husband, a kind and gentle man, was killing me.
With shaking hands, I wrote Ms. Diablo back, confirming this was actually her and not some jokester and she assured me that it was indeed Keta Diablo and that I needed to scrub the manuscript of errant *thats* and *was-es* and submit Serenity’s Dream to Jill Noble. OMG, this was real! “But,” she said, “all I did was open the door, your writing will have to stand on its own.” 
When I received the news of Noble’s acceptance of my book, it was the day after my husband’s birthday, a month after I’d submitted. OMG! All over again. They even asked about me writing a series, which I’d thought about and subsequently did. The three books of the Sapphire Club series are my first published works, but not the last. Since June, when Serenity’s Dream came out, I’ve signed six more contracts and 2011 looks like a year of more storytelling. I’ve even written two books under the name my parents gave me, as a way of differentiating between the erotic (Brita) and sensual (Tina).

As Christmas nears and we all tuck our families in a bit closer, I want to publically acknowledge Keta Diablo. She is a wonderful author, witness her latest, Where The Rain Is Made and her entire backlist, and fabulous person. We have since become good friends, leading her to invite me to become an Affiliate Author and in turn, I asked her to become one of seven erotic writers on Red Lipstick Journals. We communicate nearly every day and I learn something new from her with each encounter.
So my Santa hat goes off in a profound Thank You to you Keta, for your support and undying encouragement. For your mentoring and always uplifting advice. I love you and adore your work. Many blessings on you and your life, my dear friend. I am so happy you are a part of mine.
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and may all your lives be filled with friends such as I have in Keta Diablo. I am striving for the day I can pay her kindness forward.
Much love to you all,
Brita Addams 


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