Aug 2011 Book Cover Award Entry #6 The 5th Millionaire | Designed by Celia Andriello

August 2011 Book Cover Entry #6
Book Title: The 5th Millionaire
Author Name: Celia Andriello
Book Cover Designer Name: Celia Andriello

Book Blurb: 

John Charpillon’s friendship with Maurice Demarquay has enhanced his penniless existence into a multimillion dollar fortune in the cosmetics, fashion and perfume industries. Their commonality is found in their homeland, France’s Pyrenees, which they have replicated in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. At the age of 34 John is no longer bound to an abusive wife, and has found a suitable target for his affections; Lynette.
But fortunes aren’t made void of compromising secret ingredients. At the same time, common Lynette has a few secrets she has yet to disclose to her pursuer. The question to be answered is who will out wit whom and secure the Charpillon fortune? 

Never trust your heart,” warned while empathizing with his bereft countenance. “John,” sat up to the table in confidential posture. “My name is Lynette,” touched her name tag. “I am so inconsequential that my last name is hardly required by patrons. I am a maid servant of yesteryear. Today, in this time frame, I’m paid a small wage to supplement my tips in order to prove to the Federal Government that I am making minimum wage; a slave’s wage. I know my class and have no heady dreams of becoming Pretty Woman or Maid in America. I dwell in the real world John. It is best that you do likewise.”

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