(Aug 18) AUTHOR BLOG HOP: Who, in your opinion are the best and worst bestselling authors?

Thursday, Aug 18th: Who, in your opinion are the best and worst bestselling authors out there in the market and why? Question provided by affiliate author Amy Romine

Ever the Same by Amy Romine

Blurb: Fifteen years ago thirty men, women, and
children, were found in a small California field. Twenty-three of them
were dead of an unknown cause, seven survived. Now the seven survivors
are dying one by one.

Rachel Alton returned to Whitten’s Grove for
one reason and that was to prevent a massacre. Her attendance at the
local wedding of two of her best friends was just for fun. She never
expected her reaction to seeing Ben Mitchell again. Without warning, he
awakens her dormant heart, giving her hope for the future and she
struggles to turn away. The clock is ticking as Rachel alone fights
against the inevitable, but when forces from beyond throw Ben into the
middle of the fight, will she walk away, or sacrifice herself to prevent
a tragedy from happening twice?


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