ARTICLE: President Obama approves this message

OK, so maybe President Obama doesn’t approve this message. In fact, he has no idea that it (or I) even exist. Nevertheless, this is an article from the Williamsport (PA.) Sun-Gazette. (Williamsport is the Little League HQ, and I’m just struggling to get on base with my writings.)

Nevertheless, this is your chance to get on the bandwagon and buy a copy of my book about the Bush Administration. After Nov. 4, you will be asked a lot — were you with Obama when he was in the wilderness . . . do you believe that there is now change and hope . . . if our new president doesn;’t take immediate action to undo much of the past eight years, will you continue to protest the war in Iraq and the shredding of our Constitution? But, most of all, do you have evidence that you, like 99% of all Americans support change in Washington. (I assume the 25% who still support Bush-Cheney will suddenly get an epiphany and realize on Nov. 5 what evil lurks in thje heart of men, and some women.) Your chance to get on that bandwagon begins with — get ready for the pitch — buying a copy of the 2nd edition of Sinking the Ship of State: The Presidency of George W. Bush. Find out WHAT this administration has done.

The mainstream media missed a whole lot of it. This is your guide to the past eight years — and a hope that with knowledge, this era will never happen ever again. Now, I know there are conservatives on this mailing list. Many nationally-known conservative leaders (Grover Norquist, Newt Gingrich, Bob Barr, the late and great William F. Buckley among many others) have spoken out against this administration. BUT, you need to know what happened. And, in SOS (uh, Ship of State) you will. Knowledge is power. Be powerful and buy a copy — now, before the election. (note: fact check in article–It was Rosemary and I, not just me, who wrote about lack of federal preparedness for a natural disaster.)

OK, enough electioneering. On to the article. I approve this message, and I thank you for getting throughb the b.s. to get to the meat.



By LEN MAHONSKI – Sun-Gazette Correspondent

POSTED: November 2, 2008

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Growing up during a time of increasing social movement and political activism, Dr. Walter M. Brasch became fascinated with politics and social issues at a very early age. Being raised by parents who survived the Great Depression, he learned to question authority, especially during troubled times.

Brasch, a Bloomsburg University professor of journalism and mass communications for the past 25 years, has done just that, devoting much of his spare time authoring 17 books and numerous articles addressing important social and political issues of our time.

The second edition of Brasch’s book, “The Sinking of the Ship of State: The George W. Bush Presidency” is set to be released this month. The first edition, which was published in October 2007, was well received and paved the way for the much-anticipated updated version. The new edition enlightens the reader with additional information and newly released government documents.

The collection of articles compiled and authored by Brasch spans the past eight years of the Bush presidency. The book delivers a hardcore tongue-lashing accusing the current administration of violating civil liberties and First Amendment rights.

“The current administration has invoked fear into the American people, clearing the way for a step-by-step systematic process of tearing apart our individual freedoms and civil liberties. It is this induced fear, along with a compliant Congress and the sleepy media that has allowed this to happen,” Brasch said.

Brasch’s argument that the media failed to properly scrutinize the Bush administration’s poor handling of foreign and domestic affairs during the first term of his presidency also is highlighted in the book. The book dishes out a hefty and impressive collection of articles that according to Brasch, highlight the president’s ineffective policy decisions regarding Sept. 11 and Hurricane Katrina.

In 2006, Brasch authored “Unacceptable: The Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina,” a detailed account of the failed relief effort put forth by local, state and federal government agencies in the days, weeks and months after one of the most horrific natural disasters ever to hit the United States.

Assessing the dangers facing our country in terms of natural disasters is nothing new for Brasch. Having more than a decade of experience in emergency management, he knows a thing or two.

Even before Katrina, the devastating hurricane that wreaked havoc across southern Louisiana and parts of Mississippi back in 2005, Brasch has been extremely critical and has warned of our federal government’s inability to act and respond effectively to such disasters.

Even though Brasch is critical of the Bush administration’s policies, he asserts that no matter what your political status may be, whether you lean to the left or to the right, everyone deserves to have their voice heard.

Starting his career as a journalist for The San Diego Union Tribune, Brasch attributes much of his current success as an author to his early years as a journalist. He also is quick to point out that he is a journalist who enjoys teaching and not a professor.

“Journalism gave me a voice. It was this medium that enabled me to develop my writing skills and set up a base for future writing,” Brasch said. “Most importantly, it allowed me to expose social injustices and promote awareness toward important issues.”

A proud moment in Brasch’s career came in 2004, when he received the Martin Luther King Jr. Distinguished Humanitarian Service Award. The award is given to faculty members who demonstrate a capacity to inspire or empower others to make a positive impact in their community.

A syndicated biweekly columnist for more than 20 newspapers across Pennsylvania, Brasch speaks elegantly and knowledgably about the social issues that plaque society. Defending individual freedoms and liberties is a fight that Brasch has taken to heart. Whether you agree or disagree with Brasch, he brings focus on pertinent issues.

Few can argue that, whether it is in the classroom or on the pages of a newly released book, Brasch has spent most of his life trying to make a difference in the lives of others. He also is working on a project that spotlights the ever-growing problem of homelessness and Vietnam veterans in a book that is set to be released next year.

Brasch’s books may be bought at local bookstores or online at


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