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“What you can do, or dream you can, begin it: Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!”


Would you like to enter the “AR Desk Dare Challenge?”

Send a copy of your desk to DESKDARE [@] gmail [dot] com and head your email DESK DARE .


Look at your desk. It’s probably a challenge just finding something. Would you dare take a photo and sent it in to AR for the whole world to see? I love desks. Strange I know, but they say a lot about people. Their likes and dislikes. What they eat, drink and read. If a person is organised, or not, as the case may be. You can tell a lot about someone just by having a good old fashioned nose around their desk. But, dear readers, no breaking and entering is required. Anybody who is just anybody are willingly sending their desk pics to me for display on AR !

Mine has a very calm, Zen influence now. With a miniature set of meditation chimes and a miniature Zen garden. But you should have seen it a few weeks ago! In fact, you probably did…

What are you waiting for? Go on, be brave and send them in! If you are an author or owner of a website, you get the chance for extra promotion by including your links with your photo! (See above for an example).

Dare YOU reveal what your desk really says about YOU?

All you need to do now is find your camera underneath the crap you have on your desk! Then send it to:

DESKDARE [at] gmail [dot] com and Bob’s your Uncle, or Sassy’s your Aunt! You could find your desk on the next You Tube vid.

Oh, don’t I spoil you?

Find out more about the deskdare challenge here!

And don’t forget to read the smallprint!


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