AR ANTHOLOGY : Submissions Call for Short Fiction

This is a Submissions Call for short fiction to be included in an (AR) anthology entitled Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road.

Only those writers with some previous connection to AR should answer the call. Ideally you should belong to the Yahoo group:  Please send a brief bio along with your story or stories.

All stories, poems, etc. must be original. You have up to 5,000 words to work with–one story, two, this is your chance to do something different, a story that flies in the face of convention, or maybe it’s just a strange idea you had while looking in a mirror crack’d.

Any subject matter is acceptable except pornography and/or the promoting of cruelty, hate, bigotry, pedophilia, government overthrow, and similar illegal and illicit activities. Since this will be an adult book, I expect some erotic fiction to cross my desk. Those stories must be able to stand on their own with all erotic content removed or they will be classified as pornography.

Submissions are to be made by email to Do not use attachments. Please submit your story as part of the body of an email. Use Times New Roman font (also referred to as Times), 12 pt, no indented paragraphs, one line between each paragraph. Your name, address, email and word count are to appear at the top right hand of the first page. Title(s) are to be centered.

There’s an advance on royalties of 1.5 cents per word, as well as your fair share of 12.5% of net profits, paid as a royalty once the publisher’s up-front expenses have been recovered. The advance also grants Chase Enterprises First Global English Anthology Rights, all of which will be explained in a contract you’ll receive when your story is accepted for publication.

Submissions will close when enough material has been accepted to meet our goal of 100,000 words, or by August 9th, 2011, whichever comes first.

Clayton Bye, Publisher
Chase Enterprises

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