Announcing the winners of the #Mindhunter #giveaway #contest! #rat picks winners #Rats&Books


Announcing the winners of the #Mindhunter #giveaway #contest!

I – just this minute –  announced the winners over on Instagram!

How did I choose?

I didn’t! I let my rat do it! LOL


I added up the comments and the follows and wrote corresponding numbers on bits of paper, folded them up, placed them on a plate and waited.

Didn’t have to wait long!  The video below shows the live action!  lol

Numbers 8 and 4 were picked – they corresponded to…

@lauratomas61 and @sherryfundin!


Wish I could have given you all a copy. 🙂

Please email me with your postal address and I’ll pass it on to our Netflix contact in order to get your book prizes shipped to you! (

I’d like to take this opportunity to once again thank our Netflix contact for offering these books (and supplying me with a review copy), Elise for all her hard work and the great interviews she shares with us, and retired FBI agent, John Douglas for being so generous with his time.

Luv Sassy

P.S. Never gets old does it?  (FBI agent? I still can’t quite believe it! I’m starstruck!)

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