Join the members of AR for our third annual Christmas chat

Thursday, December 20th 2007

from Noon to 10pm EST

(5pm to 3.00am GMT,

11.00am to 9.00pm CST)

We will have a guest author and free giveaway prizes.

Winners will have their names drawn out of a hat. To enter just sign the guest book on the day, and say which prize you would like to win!

Guest Book:

To join in with the chat you must be a member of the AR chat group below.

More info coming soon. Meanwhile, if you would like to offer a prize to the group members during this chat please contact

Lucille, our Calendar Coordinator.

Please check back regularly for our scheduled chats — coming soon!

Authors and publishers who would like to book a chat date, and donate door prizes for Alternative Chatters, please contact Lucille.


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

Founder and Owner of author personal and virtual assistant. Editor and reviewer for #altread since 2005.

2 thoughts on “ALTERNATIVE-READ.COM CHRISTMAS CHAT PARTY! Thursday 20th Dec 2007

  1. Hi, Sassy….finally found my way here. LOL! I love the award you designed…it looks so distinguished. I hope you’ve had a chance to check out my book. I didn’t realize(or maybe I knew and had forgotten considering my personal issues)about the Christmas party chat. I could donate a copy of Click-On! for the chat as well as a cute Christmas puppy(stuffed, of course)Anyways, you are doing a wonderful job with the site…makes me realize I should be doing some updates myself on my own site!Thank you so much, Sweetie, for everything…Love and With a Smile, Linda-Reducer

  2. Thanks for your kind words Linda, I’ll get in contact about the chat! Got to update this blog in a min but I have just uploaded my first YouTube vid, which took almost as long to work out ‘how to’ as it did making it! LOL It’s my first one though, so I’m rather dreading the reactions…LOL Take care, and speak soon!Sassy

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