Adult Excerpt: Who Races-Who Wins, by Jude Mason

Who Races – Who Wins

by Jude Mason

Publisher: Dark Eden Press
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Chapter One

Slither – Morning Routine

Slither awoke in darkness and lay quiet, waiting. His bladder was full, but he’d hold it until he was released and permission given. He wondered where she was and his pleasure mounted with those thoughts. The anal device had finished cleansing him hours earlier, but remained in place, as was the normal routine. The gentle pressure against his prostate was a treat he knew she approved of. Each time he squirmed, it sent a twinge of pleasure coursing through his insides. The soft sleeves holding his extremities had become a cocoon of sorts, which he doubted he’d be able to sleep without.

He’d learned to enjoy this time alone, held as he was in his chamber, isolated, listening to his blood flowing through his veins, the gentle tapping of his erection against his belly, and the churning of unspent seed boiling inside his large, round balls. He smiled and tested his confines, the smile broadened. He was content; there was no escape.

After the tragic death of her favorite aunt, ten years ago, they’d moved onto the estate, and into the house Christine inherited. Instead of the years they thought it would take to build their dream home, they got it then, along with the chance to enjoy the fetish they shared.

Together, they’d designed a very special room, to house his chamber, then had it constructed.

After a great deal of thought, they’d decided to use one of thesmaller storage rooms across the hall from the kitchen. A room that was completely private. Housed inside the wall, they’d built the bed much like you might see in a morgue: a seven foot long chamber, high enough for him to sit, if he’d been free to do so. He never felt claustrophobic.

Balanced, and at a height to make it easy for Christine to move while he was on it, as well as the special equipment they’d added. Feeding containers, formulas, nutrients and enema apparatus were installed, along with monitors for Christine to keep an eye on his vitals while he was encapsulated. The restraints, hooks, padding and fine-tuning had taken weeks, months to perfect. But finally, it was complete and he reaped the benefit of all their hard work almost every night.

He swallowed around his mouthpiece, taking in more of the sweetened liquid nourishment that was his main source of nutrition. The hormones ensured his masculine vitality, the rest kept him healthy. His thoughts returned to the present, to time and how little it mattered to him. Patience, he’d learned that well. Christine would come when she wished and that was as it should be. He lived for her pleasure and she cared deeply for his commitment to her.

He squirmed against the growing ache in his full bladder, he knew he could remain for some time before he needed to void. His erection would make urination difficult, but he enjoyed the discomfort. He tried turning a bit too far and the short chain pulled painfully on his testicles reminding him to be still. The harness held his balls snug and went unnoticed, unless he became careless. Attached to the chamber beneath him, it gave him only enough slack for minimal movement.

The scraping of the door’s handle brought his attention back to where it should be. The soft rushing sound of outside air entering the small hatch when it swung open, warned him to close his eyes against the bright, fluorescent light flooding in. His heart beat faster in anticipation of Christine’s first words.

“Good morning, my sweet,” she purred…

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