ADULT BOOK EXCERPT: Taurus BY Jade Marqueen

Hi – I’m Jade Marqueen. I adore astrology so I am delighted to have the opportunity to write the “In the Stars” Series for Extasy Books. My latest release explores the sensual sign of the Zodiac – Taurus. Please enjoy an excerpt and feel free to drop me a line.
Not everyone had gone home. Her heart jumped as she realized Laurel occupied the floral sofa. His hands were clasped together and he appeared deep in thought, watching the flames jump in the fireplace. She slid into one of the adjacent yellow striped chairs. “Thank you for your help tonight. You are a life saver.”

He leaned back and studied her. “Where’s Dion?”

“Resting,” she took a bite. “Has he talked to you?”

“Not really. I’m afraid we spent more time arguing than talking.”

She set the plate down. “About your engagement?”

His eyes narrowed. “Has he talked to you about it?”

“No,” she leaned forward, braving his hard stare. “Were you really in love with him?” Something flickered in his eyes that she couldn’t read and his attitude shifted. His body tensed and his voice came out hard not cruel.

“Come here.”

Something inside her trembled and she obeyed. When she reached him, he cupped the back of her knees, rubbing circles on the side of her leg with his thumb.

“I want you.” His dark eyes held her in place.

She didn’t ask about Abigail. She didn’t want to know. His hands moved up past her knees, along her thighs, caressing her full flesh.


Her indulgence in underwear was rewarded tonight by his appreciation. The vibrant pink lace of her panties echoed the color in her dress. He pressed his nose against the thin fabric and inhaled deeply.

Never had a man so savored the fragrance of her arousal and she moaned softly, overcome by this frank appreciation.

He leaned back in the couch, releasing her and letting the dress fall back into place, and issued his command, “Undress.”
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Jade Marqueen
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