ADULT BOOK EXCERPT: Survival – New M/M Release from D.J. Manly

Survival by D.J. Manly

Now available at Loose Id

Genre: LGBT Paranormal
Cover Artist: Anne Cain

Gray was the love of Russ’s life until Gray’s stepfather, Johnny,
decided he wanted Russ for himself. When Russ is punished for rejecting Johnny by being locked out of Survival, the rock group he created, he hits rock bottom, losing Gray, and his career. A few years later, on the night of Survival’s homecoming, Russ is hoping to kill his pain on a barstool across town.

Eddie has lusted over the gorgeous Russ since high school, but Russ didn’t know he was alive. He was too enraptured with Gray. Desperate, Eddie was willing to do anything to have Russ, even sell his very soul. So, he did. Now, he is in the perfect position to give Russ back his life, to reconnect him with his band, to shoot Survival to the very top. But it won’t come cheap. In return, Eddie will finally have Russ — on his back, on his knees, tied up, any way he chooses. Russ will become his very own sexual toy.

Gray never got over Russ’s betrayal. On the best night of their lives, he’d found him with some stranger between his legs. Gray didn’t expect to see Russ ever again. But then Russ does the impossible; he mysteriously re-enters the band. And when they are once again face to face, Gray realizes that not only did he never get past the pain, he never got over Russ either. Russ is still gorgeous, and his talent gives Survival exactly what it needs to go right to the top. But Gray can’t figure out what in hell Russ is doing with Eddie, the geek who used to go to their high school, or how Eddie manages to have so much power in the industry. And when strange things begin happening, and Gray’s sexual desire for Russ rises to the surface, hell itself breaks loose.



The door opened, bombarding them with a mix of loud music and raised voices. A young man stood there, light blond hair, blue eyes. He smiled at Gray. “God,” he said, “It’s you. You’re Gray aren’t you?”

Gray looked at him. “Yeah.”

“Can I take your coat?”

“I don’t have one.”

“You’re so cute” — he leaned closer, giggling — “I’d love to f>ck you, but then I’d feel as if I was f*cking myself.”

“Go ahead,” Gray said, “f*ck yourself. Don’t let me stop you.” He walked inside, nodding to a few people he knew. He spotted Josh in the corner. He was talking to Johnny. He was about to approach them when he saw Russ. How could he miss him? He was the kind of man who stood out in a crowd, tall, all that beautiful dark hair. He had on a pair of blue jeans and a white silk shirt, open at the throat. He was standing alone in the corner, observing people, a drink in his hand.

Rodney started chatting up some big-breasted woman and Ivan headed for the bar. Gray walked over to Russ. “Hi,” he said.

“Hey.” Russ raised his drink.

“Quite a mix of people here.”

“You can’t begin to know.”

Gray grinned, catching sight of that guy who spoke to him at the door.
“Who’s the guy answering the door?”

“Nobody,” he said, looking around.

“Well, he thinks he looks likes me.”

“He does, a little.”

“Does he work for you?”

“He works for Eddie.”

“This is Eddie’s house, right?”

Russ shrugged. “I guess so.”

Gray narrowed his eyes. “You don’t know?”

“Who cares whose house it is,” Russ muttered.

“You’re in a sh^tty mood.”

“Not at all. Where’s the boyfriend?”

“At home. He didn’t want to come.”

“Ah. I didn’t expect you to come either.”

“You know me, I’m naturally curious and game for anything.”

Russ smiled faintly at him. “I remember.”

“So, are you going to give me a tour, or what?” Gray trailed his gaze over Russ’s torso. Damn it. The bastard was even sexier today than he was three years ago. Those dark eyes were doing a number on him. Asking or a tour probably wasn’t a wise thing to do, but he never was one to follow rules.

“Sure,” Russ said. “Come on.”

Gray followed him through the house. There was a huge entrance which was where most people were presently congregated, a gigantic living room, an industrial sized kitchen, and a lavish dining area. Russ pointed out an inside pool, sauna and exercise room, and another pool outside.

They ended up back in the kitchen. “That’s about it.” Russ turned and looked at him.

Gray noticed the blond guy looking at him. He lowered his voice. “And upstairs?”

Russ’s eyes widened a little. “Just bedrooms and –“

“Are you afraid to take me upstairs, Russ? You never used to be.”

Russ laughed a little uneasily. “What is this all about, Gray?”

He ran his gaze over him again. “You want the truth?”

“Of course.”

Gray cast a look at the blond guy as he left the kitchen with a serving tray. “I can’t stop thinking about you. I still want you. I know you’re with Eddie, and I’m with Paul but…”

Russ placed a hand on Gray’s arm. He maneuvered him back against the wall and pinned him there. Russ’s mouth came down hard on his, and the other hand grabbed Gray’s hand and pressed it against his groin.





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