ADULT BOOK EXCERPT : How many ways can you love?


Love Me Times Three

Cayman Porter is happy with his life. Great career, nice home, plenty of women. What more could a guy want? Love? As soon as a woman utters the L word, it’s time to move on. But he soon discovers his satisfying life and womanizing ways aren’t so satisfying to one particular love goddess. A love of equal parts, that’s the spell the Goddess Freya cast on Cayman. Someone to love him equally by the powers of three. But karma proves to be a
pain when the only woman on Cayman’s radar already shot him down more times than he can count.

Alexis London’s had enough of womanizing pigs but not enough that she’s found the strength to swear off men. If only she didn’t enjoy them so much! Still, there’s one pig she’s managed to avoid for over a year. Lucky for her, he’s never really put on the charm. Until now.
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Alexis didn’t fight him. Couldn’t fight him. The spell he had over her was too great, the magic, whether metaphysical or imagined, between them too strong to resist. She realized in that instant he could have his way with her right now and she would be powerless to stop him. He didn’t try. He kept to her wishes, to his words.

Cayman kissed her neck, licked his way to her collarbone where he stopped for a quick nibble before continuing down, leaving sparks of fire everywhere his mouth touched. He drew her right nipple into his mouth and instinctively, her back arched, pushing her tit further into the warmness of him. He sucked in a breath and she knew what he was doing was driving him equally crazy as it was her.

Her eyes closed, her head pushed back against the sofa cushion as her hips lifted to meet his finger. He pulled out of her, paused until she opened her eyes to look at him, then drove two fingers side by side into her as deep as they would go. Alexis gasped and dug her fingernails into the back of the sofa, her other hand grasping the front of his shirt in a fist.

Through the haze of sexual bliss, the blur of power around her, Alexis nodded though she barely heard him over the pounding of her heart. With each push of his fingers inside her, her breath caught, her inner muscles clenched, and when his thumb brushed her clitoris her legs shook around him. She was close, so excruciatingly close. A couple more thrusts of those wide, long
fingers, a few more caresses from that slightly callused thumb on her clit and she would explode.

As if sensing how close to orgasm she was, he pulled his hand out of her sweats. Alexis nearly cried out in protest. She watched as he pushed himself up and sat back. He lifted the fingers he’d had inside her to his mouth and licked her juices from them. He looked so unbelievably sexy sitting between her legs, his eyes darkened by sexual desire, a small, knowing grin on his moist lips.

Tonya Ramagos

Trained to protect. Willing to die. Ready to serve…in bed and out.

Caught Off Guard….Twin Games….Stormy Nights….All or Nothing….and more to come!
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Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

Founder and Owner of author personal and virtual assistant. Editor and reviewer for #altread since 2005.

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