ADULT BOOK EXCERPT: Dax Rigby, War Correspondent – John B. Rosenman


DAX RIGBY, WAR CORRESPONDENT – Science-Fiction Romance
by John B. Rosenman


To stop WWIII on Earth, Dax Rigby must travel 900 light-years to the savage planet Arcadia. There, he fights not only to save two intelligent alien species from extinction, but also to rescue a dying human outpost.

Facing assassination attempts, seduction and his own mysterious powers of resurrection, Dax struggles to maintain his loyalties and complete his mission. The fate of two worlds hangs in the balance. Will he find a way to redefine both his identity and his destiny in time?


Her lips trembled. She moved still closer and put her arms around him. “What I will tell you is that we’re both probably dying right now. Dax, we were soaked in that virus yesterday. And here you want to waste time and analyze me rather than grab what little pleasure we have left.”

Before he could answer, she pulled his head forward and kissed him. She had the softest lips he’d ever felt. They engulfed his own, lured him in.

Against his will, his arms rose and embraced her. Her tongue slipped inside his mouth and parried with his own.

Fire surged in his groin. Her hands, which had held his back, slipped down and cupped his buttocks. She drew him closer, ground her hips against him.

He broke contact, stepped back.

“My reluctant hero.” She was panting and lowered her eyes. “Your flesh betrays you.”


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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