ADULT BOOK EXCERPT: A Stranger in Paradise by Tianna Xander

A Stranger in Paradise

by Tianna Xander

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As Alpha of the Paradise clan, it’s Adam Greer’s duty to save his people from extinction. With Nick Hill, his beta’s help, he tracks down a descendant of one of the families that broke away from the pride many years ago. They can only hope that TJ Woodward agrees to come back to Paradise as the first newcomer in generations, to infuse the clan with new DNA.

Nina Bidel, a close friend of bestselling suspense author, TJ Woodward, finds dozens of half-written manuscripts when she packs away his estate after his death. With his will naming her his sole beneficiary, she sees no harm in completing the books TJ started. But someone out there is determined that the novels never see the light of day.

When they think they have finally caught up to TJ, intent on bringing him to their home, Adam and Nick realize the last several books released weren’t written by TJ Woodward, but by spunky Nina Bidel. Nina jumps at the chance to escape the men determined to kill both her and TJ’s remaining novels. None of them expect the chain of events her deception is about to unleash.


Nick stared openly at Nina’s bared breasts. His mouth went dry and he swallowed thickly. He clenched his fists at his sides, hardly able to believe she’d just let the sheets drop like that. He knew it was damned rude to just sit there staring at the rose-tipped mounds, but he couldn’t stop himself. Hell, he was hard pressed to keep from drooling all over them.

His gut clenched as he glanced up, his brows raised, and almost smiled at Adam’s expression. His leader, always one who was in control in a crisis, looked as though he’d just swallowed his tongue.

There were many things they’d both imagined doing to this beautiful woman fate and circumstances had blessed them with. But to have her suggest the very same thing was a bit

surprising. His dick jumped to attention at the suggestion of course. A man would have to be dead or comatose to not have such a reaction to this beautiful woman. Just looking at her made his heart pound and his balls ache for release. What would it be like to actually sink inside
her softness?

Adam cleared his throat. “What are you suggesting, Nina?” His gaze never left her exposed breasts.

Nick knew his friend well. He knew he’d allow the woman an out. She probably figured they would be more likely to protect her if she offered herself to them. It wasn’t the case. He felt a pang of guilt as he thought back to the parking lot and what he’d said about her being grateful. When had he changed? When had he begun to need her to want them as men, not only as her protectors?

“We’ll stay with you if that is your wish.”

Adam finally reached out and pulled the robe back up over her shoulders, covering her breasts. “You don’t have to bargain with your body. We will provide protection regardless.”

Her face reddened as she clutched the sheet to her chest. “That—that wasn’t…” she stared down into her lap. ” That’s not why I…” she covered her face with her hands and groaned. “I didn’t mean for you to think that—”

Nick reached out and feathered his fingers through her hair. “There’s no need to be embarrassed.” He looked down at his crotch with a wry grin. “It’s not like we feel no attraction for you. In fact,” he said as he shifted and moved closer. “I think it’s pretty noticeable.” He leaned down, better to take in her arousing scent. “You smell so good.” He jumped when she reached down, laying her hand over his erection.

Nina turned and looked him in the eyes. “I want you.” She turned back toward Adam, but not before he could see her face turn a bright red. She cleared her throat. “I want you both, if you’re

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