#abookaday #day58 : QUESTION:❤ Read any of these #airport exclusives? 👍or👎

#abookaday #day58 :


Read any of these #airport exclusives? ❤👍or👎

Actually what I’d like to know is what makes them Airport Exclusives?  Is it their smaller size?

Last time I travelled  (before September) Airport books used to be massive, which was the last thing you needed when travelling. Now, thankfully, they are much smaller, but for someone who needs glasses to read, I found the print too small to be enjoyable in some of the books!

Will there ever be a happy medium? LOL

Yes, I took pictures of bookshelves in the airport shop at Stansted. I can’t help it. I love taking pictures of books. Especially in shops! I do get a few weird looks from staff and customers at times, but when it comes to books — I can take it!  No one’s hauled me away yet! 🙂

Luv Sassy


P.S.   If anyone out there really does know what makes AIRPORT EXCLUSIVES so exclusive – when I have already been able to get a lot of them without needing to visit an airport to do so – please do let me know!

P.P.S.   I NEED to know! It bothers me that I just don’t get it…

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21 thoughts on “#abookaday #day58 : QUESTION:❤ Read any of these #airport exclusives? 👍or👎

  1. Ive seen the Diana book cover it seems like. I’ve not read it.

    I googled your question and all I could find was this,
    “A book to be read in one sitting, especially during plane travel.”

      1. I remember when she died so maybe I saw the book when it first came out. Maybe during the anniversary of her death. I just know it looks familiar!

      2. Heartbreaking. I remember this young ice skater dying in ‘95, a couple years before Diana. His death, and hers, both shocked me. American here but I loved Diana and it has always felt like the world lost her too soon.

        I’m so happy to see how her boys honor and remember her.

      3. Yes. I thought she was great, too! We definitely lost her too soon. Totally agree!

        Between you and me {{{lol}}} I’ve never been too keen on you know who’s new Mrs. 😉 but shush! Each to their own… 😄😄

        The boys are lovely though! 👊

      4. Heh! I like her style. Does she ever have a bad hair day?!

        Harry is my favorite brother. I feel like he’s came a long way and settled down with life quite nicely.

        And, he is so handsome! William is awkward looking for me but Harry… 😘😳😍

      5. And yeah, the other Mrs, I struggle with knowing how I feel about her. I feel like there were poor choices made but that Charles was also victim of archaic ideas and traditions. But, without the pairing of Di and Charles the world wouldnt have the two princes out of it.

  2. Oooh! Fifth page of google. Could this be an answer?

    Exclusive Books Airport (Proprietary) Limited operates a chain of book stores.

    It looks like it is the name of the bookstore.

    1. Hi Erica!

      I think some of them are. Although, airport books in the past used to be twice the size! I never understood that lol .

      Hmm. Why does my phone want to change the word ‘although’ to ‘absinthe’ ? Lol

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