#abookaday – #day55 : QUESTION : Do you #subscribe to any #bookclubs? 💕 ? @millsandboon ❤ #millsandbooninsiders

The Mills and Boon Book Club!

#abookaday – #day55 :


Do you subscribe to any bookclubs? ❤

I was totally honoured and blown away to be asked by Mills and Boon UK to trial out their book club subscription for 3 months.

I’ve always loved Mills and Boon books, and they have such a variety of different series available, I honestly think that if you like romance there is something for everyone!

I chose the two book NOCTURNE collection, that’s two books per month sent conveniently straight to my door. Quite often this means you can get your books up to a month ahead of the shops, too.


In addition, the price of the books subscription included free postage, and there is no minimum purchase necessary. This means you can change or cancel your membership at any time. Also, if you do get your books and don’t like them you can simply send them back.  (I can’t see this happening, but it’s a nice safety net if you’re new and unsure to what you’re going to get).

If you want them, you have 14 days to pay. Plus you get to build up BONUS BOOK points with each book you buy, and you can use these later against a wide range of books, gifts and decorative items offered within their BONUS BOOK Catalogues.

So what about the books? I hear you ask.

Well, I’ve been dying to tell you.

The Nocturne Series

An Exhilarating Underworld of Dark Desires

These are very much like those Black Lace – Virgin books. They’re sizzling hot and feature all those saucily wicked things, which come out after dark.

So far I’ve received :

One Night With The Valkyrie by Jane Goodman  – Falling for the immortal princess…

Charmed by the Wolf by Kristal Hollis – The wolf’s redemption…

Brimstone Prince by Barbara J. Hancock – A match made in hell…

The Witch’s Quest by Michele Hauf – The Witch’s redemption…

I love how this series is all matching with dark, black seductive covers, great pictures and red or blue author names. The spines match up nicely, too. Very important lol.  I feel the dark design is very fitting with the nocturnal supernatural and paranormal romance theme and I am loving building up my collection! I’m just not going to be able to stop now.

There is so much more I could tell you, but I don’t want this to start sounding too much like an advert.  🙂 Maybe I will just come back at a later date and tell you some more! LOL

Of course, you’ll definitely be hearing more about these books, when I review them.

Until next time…

Luv Sass


P.S. They’ve also got a great new collection called The Royals which I’ve totally got my eye on. But that’s another story for another day! (And not included in the Nocturne subscription – just in case you’re wondering).

P.P.S. You can sign up here is you’re interested! http://bit.ly/2xe0MlC

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