#abookaday #day19 Have you bought a book purely because its cover? Which one?

#abookaday #day19

Another seriously beautiful shelf!

Okay, this is the last picture of these beautiful shelves, folks.  Although, I’m sure if you love books like I do, you’ll totally understand why I am sharing these. I’m not really totally barmy, right?
Do you judge a book by its cover? I certainly do. To start with at least. Which books have you bought lately purely based on their covers?
Have a great Friday!
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13 thoughts on “#abookaday #day19 Have you bought a book purely because its cover? Which one?

    1. I am guilty of it. LOL I do vividly remember getting books for my son, trying to get boyish themes he’ll read and appreciate. A book I bought because of the cover (well, the whole beautifully dark package really) was Charlie Higson’s The Enemy. I still have it and I’m going to share it with you on today’s #abookaday feature. It’s one of my favourites, since it’s about a world where only children under fourteen survived a sickness that killed off all the adults. Of course that had instant “horror” appeal to my son… and me!

      1. Nope. It didn’t and when I gave a polite but honest review, the author had her friends harassing me, emailing me and trying to get my fanpage shut down.

      2. That’s awful. It’s surprising how much that sort of thing happens to reviewers. I’d never treat anyone like that if I received a bad review. It’s just not professional for starters. Or good manners… I could go on!

  1. As another commenter said, I’ve never bought a book because of the cover. These days some book covers are true works of art, but the cover for me is just the first impression and leads me to decide whether to investigate further or not. A lousy cover may turn me off and I won’t bother looking to see what the book is about. The back or flap matter is the deciding factor for me. If the summary sounds interesting and it’s a genre I enjoy, then I’ll buy.

  2. I’m 100% guilty of buying a book solely based on the cover. I bought The Sun is Also a Star just because the cover was beautiful, but the story ended up being really cute too so win-win lol

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