A sharp, engrossing and poignant political drama ~ Anatomy of a Scandal by #author Sarah Vaughan @SVaughanAuthor #AltRead #Review


 Anatomy of a ScandalAnatomy of a Scandal by Sarah Vaughan

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Anatomy of a Scandal is based around three central characters. First there’s James, the suave, charismatic family man and politician who is also good friends with the Prime Minister. He’s wealthy and over-privileged. Then we meet Kate, the young, ruthlessly ambitious prosecutor, who’s determined to see James get the guilty verdict he deserves. She’s also good at her job and made her name prosecuting the very worst sexual assault cases. Finally we meet Sophie, James’ wife who has been dating James since college and knows him better than anyone else. All have a vital part to play in this psychological, legal drama, which starts with a shocking scandal being revealed, which is then dissected in court.

James is accused of rape one of his assistants, but did he do it? While his wife Sophie is seemingly supportive on the outside, on the inside her mind is going crazy thinking about his alleged crimes and what he could in fact be capable of. Just how long can she remain loyal as the story unfolds?

We travel from the court case, back in time to Oxford in the 90s and into the current murky goings on within the privileged political world, where money, corruption and power rule the day.

This is an extremely well written and cleverly plotted, insightful story, which I can easily see adapted into a BBC drama, very much like Louise Doughty’s Apple Tree Yard.

Sarah Vaughan has mastered a treat for us with Anatomy of a Scandal, a sharp, engrossing and poignant political drama, which highlights some shocking hard-hitting facts with sensitivity and realism. Terrific!

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for my copy. This is my honest opinion of this book.

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3 thoughts on “A sharp, engrossing and poignant political drama ~ Anatomy of a Scandal by #author Sarah Vaughan @SVaughanAuthor #AltRead #Review

  1. I love this book so much. SO MUCH!. Vaughan was so impressive and this book just blew my mind pretty much. Sophie and Kate were so different, but I enjoyed that Vaughan gave them both such big and important parts to play in James’ life and in this book.

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