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Through the Veil by Jan Selbourne

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Welcome to Sassy Sunday! Today I am finding out more about Jan Selbourne’s hero in her short story THROUGH THE VEIL which appears in the BVS paranormal romance anthology MYSTIC DESIRE!

Which character is the hero in your short story Through the Veil?


I had to think about that. Rachel Finlay thought of herself as a loser, nothing went right for her, until she finds an old family photo of a man and woman beside a horse and buggy, dated 1875. Rachel’s knows them but she’s never met them. It takes enormous courage for her to go back to where it all began on the Great Dividing Range, New South Wales. Her spirit guide, Marcus, sacrifices a lot to return to earth for one day to be with her, to bring her the peace she craves. Both of them deserve equal hero status.
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Which character did you have the most fun writing?

Rachel Finlay


Which character surprised you? 

Rachel again.  She was more complex than I originally thought.

Through the Veil by Jan Selbourne

If I were to ask Rachel one question, what would it be and what would she answer? 


Rachel, did you believe in reincarnation? 

Not until I drove through the derelict gold mining town Dalmortan and could see it as it was in 1875.


Will we be hearing anything more from these characters in other books? 


I’d like to think we could.

Through the Veil by Jan Selbourne #mysticsdesire #janselbourne


When you write do you have any kind of routine or ritual to help you get started, especially when looking at a blank page? 


I don’t have a strict routine and I’m a seat of the pants writer.  I start with an idea and it grows from there. 


Next book?  


So far untitled. Its 1775, My female character hit rock bottom in Boston during the siege  which sparked the War of Independence. She discovers a parcel of documents, and after much hardship, returns to England. The contents of those documents involve the Bank of England, treason and two men who’ll kill for them.


Where can we find out more ?


Thank you!!


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6 thoughts on “THROUGH THE VEIL ~ Sassy Sunday Spotlight ~ Hero #Interview with #author Jan Selbourne @JanSelbourne #MysticDesire @bvsbooks

  1. I am intrigued with her spirit guide. Can’t wait to read this. The new book taking place in 1775 sounds interesting as well.

  2. Hi Jan and Brit:
    Good blog.
    I love that Rachel became more complex than you originally thought. That kind of thing when I’m writing always excites me.
    I can’t wait to read it.

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