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Talon, Come Fly with MeTalon, Come Fly with Me by Gigi Sedlmayer

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

I soared through this book!

I’m reviewing Talon, Come Fly With Me, by Gigi Sedlmayer. Here are my thoughts:

“Talon, Come Fly With Me” is a sweet book, for children, although I’m sure adults would love this, too. This is just the sort of book I would have loved to have read with my son when he was younger.

On the surface this is a story about a nine year old girl called Matica, living among the mountains of Peru with two condors she’s claimed as her own. In as much as you can claim two wild birds. But in fact it’s much more than that. The author, Gigi Sedlmayer, delves into more serious issues in a way which is suitable for children to read and understand. For example, she touches upon what it’s like to be a child with a disability, not fitting in, and feeling socially inadequate. She also covers subjects of which I sense are very close to her own heart; the protection of condors, habitat loss, and their possible extinction.

I totally felt for the condors, Tamo and Tima, when the poachers were coming to steal their egg, and there a few really tense scenes where the poachers are involved, which had me rooting for those birds to protect their young. Especially, after learning they only have one egg every two years. (If I’ve remembered that fact correctly).


But it’s not all doom and gloom. With some great laugh out loud moments, a happy ending and meaningful lessons learned, this book was a treasure of a find for me. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a children’s book about condors, which seemed so far removed from my usual reads, but Gigi Sedlmayer is an award winning author, so I hoped it would be good. And it was. Even though I’m not a kid. 😉

It was lovely to meet Talon, of whom this series of books is based around. Condors are strange looking creatures. To some these large birds look so ugly, but they’re actually quite beautiful in their own way. In fact, through this book I’ve learned so much more about them, they now have an additional fan. What a great way to introduce children (and adults) to these amazing birds! I love learning real facts in fictional books, especially about wildlife, and the author did this so well, without information dumping.

Overall: For young and the not so young, this book is a lovely introduction to not only condors and their habitat, but of living a totally different life from our own in the Peruvian mountains. (That is, if you’re not actually an Indian who can speak Arawakan, and reading this from your home in Peru! ). On top of that, it’s a positive book, which highlights how we should be more accepting of others, their cultures, and differences, whatever they may be. Whether you’re a monster of a bird, or child with a disability, things are not always as they, at first, may seem. If this sounds like your sort of read, don’t hesitate to buy it. You should love it!

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