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A Cruel Deception #Blogtour with #author Kim Booth

A Cruel Deception #Blogtour with #author Kim Booth

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Guest Post

Imagine losing all your wealth put aside for your retirement with no hope of being able to find employment again due to your advancing years
Why write a book about fraud I hear you ask? There’s no sex, drugs or rock and roll, no romance, mystery or a devious and cunning stalker or murderer just plain facts and the intricacies of an investigation and how it’s conducted. Fraud is an area that people basically ignore until they become involved in a set of circumstances beyond their control and result in the victim being manipulated by a typical ruthless and vindictive fraudster, who will not care about the effect their actions have on the victim.

I first became aware of the world of the fraudster prior to joining the police and working in a hotel. I became involved as I met a fraudster who was staying in the hotel where I worked and he made off without paying his bill and after conning members of staff and fellow customers. A subsequent visit by the investigating CID officer whetted my appetite which started me on a 35 year career within the police and investigating fraudsters at every opportunity I could, concluding with being a detective inspector in charge of the Economic Crime Unit previously the Fraud Squad.

Fraud can have a devastating effect on its victims especially where they have lost all their savings and have had their financial future entirely re-mapped by the fraudster. I can attempt describe the effect it can have but on a victim but I am unable to accurately place the reader in the shoes of the victim, as the victims can suffer so many emotions during their sometimes long journey to financial ruin.

The current case involved the most decent honest and nicest couple you are ever likely to meet who fell victim to the fraudster. Both were in regular employment and lived a very modest life. Neither had previously had any involvement with the police, let alone a CID officer.

Upon starting the investigation I was 90% sure that a fraud was in progress but was surprised by the total faith that the couple had in the fraudster. The fraudster had obtained the total trust of the victim to the degree that they considered her to be a “family friend” 

One of the most difficult parts of the investigation was breaking the “sense of total trust” the victims had in the fraudster as without their assistance and co-operation it would have made a prosecution extremely difficult but not impossible.

As corny as it sounds I made the decision to join the police to be a CID officer and be in a position to help the more vulnerable and weaker members of public and to be able to remove offenders from society and try to ensure they got their “just desserts”

The victims were one such a vulnerable couple who needed that assistance but before my intervention the offence had been going on for six years which had resulted in financial ruin of the victims. It had to be brought to a halt – not negotiable.

Investigative fraud work can be notoriously boring and the fraud investigator has to be able to remain focused and devoted to the investigation despite the mountain of paperwork it sometimes involves.

To conclude, the reason I put pen to paper so to speak was that it is important in my view, Firstly, that people are aware of just how mercenary, vindictive, and callous fraudsters can be and secondly, the victims and I decided at their request that their story should be told after they has both passed away. They were concerned that people would consider them “idiots for falling for the fraud” which I have to say was not the case. 

I hope my modest attempt has achieved the objective 

If I had a pound for the times I have heard people say, “I wouldn’t have fallen for that one!” or “It would take a clever person to con me!” I would say “Just be careful, as one day you might just meet a determined fraudster and then we will talk again!!”

Kim Booth 



With Organise Crime Agency in Japan On Shooting range with FBI in New Orleans

Somethings you didn’t know?

(1)Whilst engaged in a terrorist incident and working in COBRA under Whitehall fell asleep on the Home Secretary’s bed! It was a 48 hour shift!
(2) Was engaged for two years putting MI5 and MI6 operatives through police interviews to test their legends (cover stories) under pressure, prior to deployment in foreign countries.
(3) Investigated 23 murders including two serial murderers, nine extortions and Kidnaps involving Sainburys, Imperial Tobacco and Mars and investigated and detected the only murder by postal IED (improvised Explosive Device) in the UK to date and a drugs related “contract killing”
4) As a Uniformed Inspector in the force control room covering Lincolnshire was authorised to deploy firearms officers to incidents but was considered not to be psychologically suitable to hold a Police Firearms permit to possess a firearm! Been a standing joke for years!!!
After retirement for the third time decided to write a few book of my experiences including a crime fiction loosely based on previous events (W.I.P.)
And the rest as they say is history!


About the Book
A Cruel Deception by Kim Booth

A Cruel Deception by Kim Booth

Book Description:

‘No one knows this horrifying true crime case better than the detective who cracked it. Kim Booth will take you on an unforgettable journey into lies, deceit, cunning and malice.’ Nick Louth

For Joan and Ted Warner, an innocent and trusting couple, a chance encounter with Barbara Hendry, a cunning con-woman who turned their settled lives into a living nightmare

The Warners were not victims of a remote scam, carried out over the internet by fraudsters from afar. For six years, faking a friendship face-to-face, this plausible woman carried off the impersonation of a member of the nobility fallen on hard times, manipulating the emotions of her victims, deceitfully draining them of every penny they had set aside for their retirement, and plunging them into debt.

Hendrys intention was to slip away, having sucked the Warners dry of all their hard-earned savings. But for some dogged investigative work by adetermined detective she would have succeeded- and remained free to prey on other vulnerable victims.

Follow this journey of fraud and depravity in the company of the one man who knows the full story – the British detective who cracked the case and brought Barbara Hendry to justice.

A Cruel Deception is an insightful and gripping work of true crime, which illustrates the depth of wickedness and the possibility that we can all be deceived.

The author retired from the Lincolnshire Police as Detective Inspector in charge of the Lincolnshire Police Economic Crime Unit. He now provides anti-fraud advice and fraud investigation on a consultancy basis together with assisting authors with police procedural issues and story lines.

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Author Bio:
Prior to joining the police I had numerous jobs, Worked in a chicken factory for next to nothing, In a Bakery, Royal Mail as a Postman, With my dad who was a civil engineer construction roads and sewerage works and finally in a hotel. Had dealings with the CID and thought “I can do that” and joined the police with the sole intention of being a CID man! Joined Lincolnshire Police in July 1975.


Walked the streets in uniform for 18 months sorting yobbos out then given a car and latched onto drink drivers for a year then went into the CID at Louth in Lincolnshire for a year or so then Skegness for a summer season. Stayed in the CID for twelve years at various location including regional Crime Squad now National Crime Agency conducting static and mobile surveillance nationally dealing with murders extortions Kidnaps and the like then promoted to Uniform Sergeant for two years then back in the CID in the drug squad for four years as a Detective Sergeant.
The next move was Detective Sergeant Special Branch dealing with all terrorist matter including surveillance, regional risk assessments on Economic Key points ie Oil and gas terminals, National Infrastructure Gas Electricity and Water and all Military establishments, threat assessments on high profile individuals such a Judges MP’s and witness protection subjects etc. Worked with the Security Services ie MI5 and MI6 and was a member of Home Office National Anti- Terrorism Exercise Programme setting up terrorist exercises both in the UK and abroad to test response of the local enforcement agencies.
Promoted to Detective Inspector within Special Branch with 14 staff. Stayed there for five years then moved to Uniform Inspector in charge of the Lincolnshire Police Control room 36 staff dealing and resourcing whatever came in authorised to deploy firearms officers to incidents. Two years in there (more than enough!) the moved to be in charge of the Economic and Hi Tech Crime Unit dealing with all frauds , Internet Crime together with the Paedophile Unit and Proceeds of Crime Unit 27 staff, Stayed there for four years, retired on the Friday and started work the following Monday being the Senior Investigating Officer in charge of a $300 million fraud investigation involving 3300 investors worldwide, worked with colleagues in New Zealand, Japan, America, Hong Kong, Bahamas and Canada, The case concluded in 2010 I retired again! Went fitting UPVC windows with a mate. Did that for 9 months, wrote a book on fraud, did some qualifications at Uni then came to work for TUI (Thomson and First Choice) as a Corporate Security Manager investigating fraud within the travel industry, Hobbies- Property restoration, DIY and motor cycling. That’s a quick snap shot!
Three children, eldest son is a Police Officer in Lincolnshire. Middle daughter is a first aid trainer and the MK 3 model daughter is a primary school teacher. Met the wife on the docks at Boston Lincolnshire (where she was working as Policewoman I should add!)

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