9. Alternative NEWS ~ Coming June/July 05

Dorchester Publishing: Forced Mate ~ Rowena Cherry

Nexus Books: Deep Blue ~ Aishling Morgan (Series: Book 1)

Hard Shell Word Factory: NightWind First Book: HellWind Trilogy ~ Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Nexus Books: Satan’s Slut ~ Aishling Morgan (Series: Book 2)

Woman in the Moon: May I See your Hand? (Palm Reading for Fun and Profit) ~ Myrna Lou Goldbaum, Palmist

Nexus Books: Natural Desire,Strange Design ~ Aishling Morgan (Series Book 3)

Infinity Publishing: Soul Mate Connections: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Relationships, Love, Romance and Sould Mates ~ Myrna Lou Goldbaum, Palmist

Nexus Books: Petting Girls ~ Penny Birch

River Pack Publishing: How to Drive Your Man Wild! ~ Tom Rassiter

Nexus Books: Cruel Shadow ~ Aishling Morgan (Series: Book 4)

Extasy Books: Night Train ~ Morgan Hawke

Nexu Books: Tempting the Goddess ~ Aishling Morgan (Series: Book 5)

Black Lace: Office Perks ~ Monica Bell

Infinity Publishing: Diary of a Palm Reader ~ Myrna Lou Gouldbaum, Palmist

Nexus Books: Conceit and Consequence ~ Aishling Morgan (Series: Book 6)


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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