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Title: PMSing

Author: Buffi BeCraft-Woodall

Website of Author: www.buffibecraftwoodallauthor.com

Publisher: New Concepts Publishing

Website of Publisher: www.newconceptspublishing.com

Genre: Romance/Werewolf/Paranormal

Publication Date: 2007

Length : Novel

Format: e-book

Where “Weremones” began the story of Diane and Adam “PMSing” continues the story of the pack, Diane’s daughter Karen is all grown up and on her way home. She happens to be running from danger. The psychic community she has been living in has sent someone to kill because of her Wolven bond. As much as she needs the safety of the pack and the comfort of Packhome she is not ready to face her ex-fiancé and his mate.

She has been away from her mom and stepfather for ten years to avoid being in the pack with her ex. He wanted a commitment she was not ready to give and he moved on she was still not sure she was over it, she was definitely still not ready to commit but did not understand why. Maybe it was because she really did not trust men, her father, and brother had also abandoned her and she was afraid she would love and get hurt again.

The story is a great sequel without overdoing the information from the previous book. I am sure it would stand alone as a good book, however it builds so nicely on the foundation of the pack dynamics in the first book that the best plan would be to read them in order. It is a tender love story fought with self-doubt by parties. Everyone else seems to see right through their attraction to each other.

There is enough mystery, and drama for everyone, as well as some passionate wolven mating. The story compels the reader to stay to the end to see what will happen next in this chronicle of their lives. I hope to see more about this pack in the future. There are still some member that have enough mystery around them for new stories to develop.

Buffi BeCraft-Woodall
“Get Ready For Mr. Alpha, Furry, Blue-Collar Guy!”

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