615: PROMO: How to Avoid Writers’ Hell: Pass Me the Eye Drops, or Basics Every Writer Must Know ~Faith Bicknell-Brown ~

Faith Bicknell-Brown has a wonderful How-To series for writers out
through Wild Child Publishing. It’s a great series for all the
authors out there and especially for all those aspiring authors (like

The title is How to Avoid Writers’ Hell: Pass Me the Eye Drops, or Basics Every Writer Must Know.

This first title covers things such as choosing pen names, writing
outlines, synopses, etiquette that every writer should know for
dealing with editors and agents, ms formatting, dos and don’ts, and a
whole lot more.

Just released June 12 through Wild Child Publishing, here’s the link
to buy this great book as well as the blurb:


This is the beginning of a series that addresses most of what there
is to know about writing a tight, exciting story. In Laymen’s terms
and with a touch of irreverent humor, Ms Bicknell-Brown discusses
formatting and submitting material, grammar, paring prose, etiquette,
punctuation, character and plot development, pen names, research do’s
and don’ts, how to write sex scenes and avoid purple prose, synopsis,
outlines, blurbs, and much more.

In this first book, you will find pointers on submitting and
formatting your manuscript, etiquette of submitting, pen names,
research do’s and don’ts, synopsis, and outlines.

The second book will cover plot and character development, setting,
genres, and more.

Genre: How To Write/Writing
Book Length: Booklet
Price: $3.25

Excerpt can be found on this page as well.

If you haven’t already picked it up, what are you waiting for? While
you’re at it, feel free to stop by Faith’s myspace page. This is
where you can find the latest information about this gal:


Alright all, have a wonderful day & thanks for checking out this
little promo. Hope you find it helpful! :o)


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