605. BOOK EXCERPT: Alicia: The Awakening ~ Tianna Xander ~

Alicia: The Awakening
by Tianna Xander

Now available at http://tinyurl.com/39345g
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Forced into a loveless marriage for her own safety, Alicia Chalmers soon
finds herself falling in love with her new husband, a man she hardly

Gabriel LeBlanc marries Alicia for her protection and for his own needs.
Can he convince her they were meant to be together regardless of her

Together, they pool their talents to fight the forces of evil that
manage to slip into the world from another dimension.


Quite often, the man had me both shivering and simmering at the same
time. How he managed it, I will never know.

Tasha lifted their clasped hands, pressed a kiss to her husband’s
knuckles then smiled up into his eyes. I looked on with some measure of
envy as I wondered if I would ever be comfortable enough with my husband
to be able to do that. I fought the urge to steal a peek at him as he
sat beside me.

Gabriel shifted and rested his hand next to mine. Our fingers almost
touched and the warmth of his hand seeped into my fingers. I resisted
the wild urge to cover his hand with my own. I wanted to be closer to
him. I even wanted to feel the safety of his embrace, but I feared the
implications of that action more.

I gazed at my friend, my thoughts returned to our previous conversation,
and I shook my head. There was no way she could have found the
dimensional tear any faster than she did. I knew it, even if she

I waved my hand in front of her face. “Hello! I was the one who caused
the tear in the first place. Remember? I attempted to open a portal to
draw the other-dimensional creatures forth. I knew enough, even then,
that if I opened a portal, the entities who exited through it would be
bound to me and would have to do my bidding.” I inhaled deeply and

“I did it hoping to order them to my aid. I didn’t realize my
inexperience could open it just anywhere,” I shrugged. “Although, I
should have known anything could happen. Every time my aunt and
grandmother opened a portal, it usually came with the disclaimer, ‘Do
not do this at home’, or something as equally annoying.”

I had to try it. My life depended on getting help from somewhere,
anywhere, fast. In fact, I would most likely be dead right now, if not
for that novice attempt to open the portal. Otherwise, Tasha, as a
neophyte Guide, would never have found us in time and those monsters
would have killed me soon after they had opened their own portal.

Sometimes I wondered if I would have been better off. However, those
times were constantly becoming fewer and farther between and I did not
miss them a bit.

For the most part, I like my life. I even liked the part about having to
marry an overbearing jerk with delusions of numerous sexual encounters
with me.

Yeah, in his dreams.

Gabriel leaned over and I suppressed the ridiculous urge to scurry
across the vehicle and join Tasha and Micah on the other seat.

“Perhaps, if it is necessary,” he breathed into my ear. His voice, as
always, was deep, husky. It touched a chord deep inside me that only he
had been able to stir to life.

Little flames of desire crawled through my belly, licking at my flesh. I
fought the surprising impulse to climb into his lap and kiss his socks

Instead, I made a face, glared at him and swatted him on the leg.

“Cut it out.”

I rubbed my ear to remove the tingling sensation of his warm breath
against my skin. If I didn’t know better, I would think he knew exactly
what that did to me. I scowled. It irritated me, that’s what it did.

Available at http://tinyurl.com/39345g

Tianna Xander


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