60. An Alternative VIEW: The Apocalypse of Silence ~ William P Haynes ~ Lulu.com

Title: Mesphisto’s Seed 2: The Apocalypse of Silence
Author: William P Haynes
Publisher: Lulu.com
Genre: Fantasy /Horror
Publication date: 2005
ISBN: 1-4116-2479-3
Length: 177 pages
Edition: Paperback

Mesphito’s Seed 2: The Apocalypse of Silence~ William P Haynes ~ Lulu.Com

“The Apocalypse of Silence as a book full of energy, imagination and stunning imagery, not to be missed. Keep your eye’s peeled on Mr Haynes’ progress, he is definitely one to watch…”

Back in the sixties, Josh Riley, a sheriff, and Mark Talbot were tied up in Jim Franklyn’s murder case and it involved devil worship. Years later, during Mark and Anne Talbot’s wedding, Mesphisto, the devil and his son Elliot trap Mark, Josh, Anne and their friend, Peggy, in hell, for their trial and sentencing. The devil, with all his contempt for humanity and its eternal suffering, finds them guilty, imprisons them in cells and condemns the incarcerated to eternal punishment.

Upon their escape from the confines of their cells they discover other members of Anne’s Wedding party are held captive too. One by one, their true journey for deliverance begins as they search for a way out. Hell is a labyrinth of corridors and difficult to flee. These passages lead them to only where the devil wants them to go. Every door opened teleports each member of the cast into their own private turmoil, taking them to different points in their past, back to times they’d rather forget. The devil attempts to break their spirits, hoping not only they will loose faith, but the battle also.

Meanwhile, they realise Elliot’s plans don’t include his father, Mesphisto. To add more conflict, unbeknown to all, there is one lord of darkness whose rule is greater than that of all devils. Named by the father as Satan — Michael Orcus of Dudael, is watching, with plans of his own. Luckily, Josh, Mark and their friends are not playing by the rules either and intend to survive and win. Fighting the devil and other beasts roaming the cursed landscape; wolves, the three headed Cerebus, Jinns, Doppelgangers and dragons. Amongst these creatures there comes a little help from the hand of death, a goddess and her pet, a black cat, both of whom have the power to determine their human fate, but which way will their luck swing?

I recommend you read the preceding book of Mesphisto’s Seed Trilogy if you want to find out how the characters were thrown into this epic clash of good verses evil, although not essential. The author, William P Haynes, is more than capable of writing his many characters into a plot full of tension and hellish horror. Grabbing my attention from page one, this apocalyptic fantasy has a fresh, original style. I loved Peggy (who incidentally, once had an affair with Josh which adds to the drama) a tough policewoman with a few special moves of her own! The Apocalypse of Silence as a book full of energy, imagination and stunning imagery, not to be missed. Keep your eye’s peeled, on Mr Haynes’ progress, he is definitely one to watch. Find him at his website, or his blog, where you can read his work online.

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