596. BOOK EXCERPT: Click-On! To Weight Reduction ~ Linda Walker

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s one of the steps listed in Click-On!
To Weight Reduction.


Getting Into your REDUCTION MODE

Positive Thinking

The power of positive thinking can bring about many changes in your life! For me, discovering my inner child and closing the wounds of the past allowed me to repair my Soul and heal my Spirit. Becoming one in heart and mind with the little girl within me proved to be the essential key to unlocking the courage and strength I needed to make the commitment to get into my REDUCTION MODE.

And when you find your key, it’ll open doors you’ve not even suspected were closed to you.

If you’ve made a sincere effort to reflect on your life and your past, your
inner reflections will now begin to bring about many positive changes — first within you, then within your life. These inner changes are essential to the process that will now trigger the physical transformation your body must soon undergo.

Your reflections may have uncovered repressed memories. You’ve probably revealed common threads running through your early experiences and you’ve seen how your self-protective reactions as a child allayed your fears and insecurities. And you’ve come to understand how your past has continued to fuel the use of your present day excuses. Now it’s time to make a firm commitment to yourself never to use those excuses again nor allow them to ever control you from this day forward.

Make the commitment to yourself NOW!

You’ve come this far through the process. You’ve looked back and seen the worst times of your life. Now you must commit to yourself to use the wisdom you’ve acquired to look forward to creating the best times of your life.

Begin NOW to enter your Reduction Mode.



Whether you know it or not, you already have more control over your mind —your reflections have seen to that. You have knowledge, and knowledge is power! Through that knowledge you now have a new Self-understanding that puts you in charge. And being in charge of your body is the logical next step in using that power to roll up your sleeves and get ready to let your Reduction Mode begin going to work for You!

But wait! NOT SO FAST!

Sure, you’re excited about all this new-found power!

That power to control your mind and body is at the heart of REDUCTION MODE
and you must maintain it — Always, no matter what comes, and no matter what others may say.

Let me explain.

You know the negative connotations of the word lose, and you understand how losing weight is an open invitation to finding that weight all over again. But others may not know any of this.

The strides you’ve already made in your thinking and the good changes already occurring as a result of your positive attitude are much too precious to begin letting them slip away now. If someone says, “You’ve lost weight, haven’t you?” you must correct them then and there: Yes! It’s true!
I’ve REDUCED my weight!

Though this sort of correction may seem petty or insignificant to someone else, it’s key to you!

It’s the start of your Reduction Mode.

It’s your secret to gaining control and maintaining your power over all the negative factors — both internal and external — that will continue to try to influence you and wrest your power away from you.

It’s the new REDUCER in you and it feels so good because it means not only have you changed within, you’ve found your switch and now it’s CLICKED-ON! for all the world to see!

You must keep this control!

You must never back down from using your new-found power! You are a REDUCER
now. You have the control. Your switch has CLICKED-ON! Nothing must ever be
allowed to come between you and your Reduction Mode.

Remember, you’ve spent a lifetime thinking of yourself as a weight “Loser
—-a failure at weight control. Now you must put every bit of your heart
and soul into reprogramming your conscious mind to never use those outdated
words, ever again.

Each time you catch yourself as you’re about to utter that nasty word Lose
again you’ll become just a little stronger, just a little more aware of how
pervasive the concept of losing weight has always been in your life. And
each time you replace it with REDUCE,
REDUCING, REDUCER, you’ll be implanting positive reinforcement into your
subconscious. And the more you do it, the easier it’ll become!

This is my secret; this is what allowed me to become a REDUCER–a WINNER in the war against my life-long battles with yo-yo dieting. And now it’s your secret, too!


What I’m about to tell you will not only keep you in REDUCTION MODE, it’ll insure that you never lose power as a REDUCER.

********And that concludes this excerpt!

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