592. BOOK EXCERPT: Narian Summer ~ Tianna Xander & Bonnie Rose Leigh

Narian Summer
Tianna Xander & Bonnie Rose Leigh

copyright 2007, Cobblestone Press
Available NOW at: http://tinyurl.com/yqtzse


The summer heat on Naria used to be a welcome time–a time of
fertility and bounty. A time where the Narians celebrated life and
everyday worries could be easily tossed aside for momentary pleasure.
After three millennia of cultural and scientific stagnation coupled with
a blatant disregard for their home planet, the summer heat is now

As Naria’s citizens prepare to leave their world in search of a new
home, three Vampyre find that love can happen in only one day’s time.
Lania Cadmus meets her mates, Nicolaos Konstantinos and Herodes Kreios,
aboard their ship, The Poseidon, and quickly realizes they are
determined to make her their mate.

With only one day to get to know each other before the fleet departs,
the men must not only get past Lania’s fear of intimacy, but prove to
her that love is all they’ll need to take with them on their journey to
a new world.



“The summer heat is going to get worse, Rod.”

Herodes Kreios closed his eyes and nodded, his face turned up toward
their dying twin suns. He could feel the scorching heat against his
cheeks, and his heart went out to those who would not survive the coming
years. “I know, Nico. All of Naria will suffer greatly if the Council of
Elders does not approve Domanus Carrain’s plan.”

“If the council doesn’t approve the high chancellor’s plan, I fear we
will do more than suffer. We’ll perish.”

Rod looked away from the source of their troubles and faced Nicolaos
Konstantinos, his triad mate and closest friend. He felt Nico’s
tremendous sadness through their bond. Standing silent for a moment, he
listened to the ever-strengthening waves of the Limni Krysstallos,
otherwise known as the Great Crystal Lake, dancing upon the shore. The
once delicate aroma of the no longer soothing waters assaulted his
nostrils, and he grimaced. How he hated the thought of leaving this
place, his home, even though the ecosystem on his world had grown
stagnant and was slowly dying. He sighed. “You’re right. However, I fear
the elders will not believe the evidence our planet’s best scientists
have gathered. They will insist that our gods will not allow our

“As high chancellor, it is Carrain’s job to convince them of the wisdom
of his plan,” Nico said with a grin as he looked out over the churning,
brackish waters.

He snorted. “That’s not asking much of him now, is it?” His own gaze
roamed over the foaming surface of the turbulent waves. “He just needs
to convince the most stubborn and unbending of our people to give up
their cushy life here and set out in search of an unknown world—a
new home—somewhere in the cold blackness of space. Sure, that’s no
problem at all.”

Nico grabbed his arm as he turned to walk away. “Rod, I have faith in
him. By the gods, we all have faith in him. Perhaps, it’s time you have
more faith in your high chancellor, too.”

“The one thing I have faith in is the belief that our gods will do
nothing to save us. For thousands of years we have lived isolated. Our
culture has spiraled into a sharp decline while our world’s scientists
and citizens grew fat and lazy. And now we will pay for that idleness
with the loss of not only our lives but our planet.”

He looked over the murky waters of the lake. Every year the once blue
waters grew darker, less transparent. Every year more creatures became
extinct and made the ever-lengthening list he kept hidden in his office.
Soon there would be no more aquatic life. After that, it would just be a
matter of time before all life on this world died. The thick rainforests
were almost gone. The unrelenting heat of the suns had already reduced
all but the largest to wilted tinder waiting to be touched by the
slightest flame to create disaster. They must do something.

“Have faith, Rod. If we don’t believe and support the high chancellor,
how can we expect the elders to support him?”

How indeed? Rod ran his fingers through his windblown hair and
swallowed, his throat tight. “What would I do without you, my friend?”

“You’ll never have to know,” Nico said, wrapping his arm around him.
“One day we will find a new home, a better one, and the gods willing,
the time will be right for us to claim our mate to share.”

“That couldn’t come soon enough for me.”

“Once the high chancellor convinces the council that any life away from
Naria is better than no life at all…when a future together with our
mate is possible, then the time will be right to take her as our own.
Until then, we stick together, as it has been since we were but

Rod straightened his spine, forcing his fears away. He glanced over at
Nico and slapped his back in camaraderie. “Well, then. Let us hope the
high chancellor succeeds soon.”

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