586. BOOK EXCERPT: J.M.Snyder’s "The Powers of Love" 2007 Winner of the HEAT WAVE CONTEST Sponsored by Amber Heat Press

Title: The Powers of Love
Author: J.M. Snyder

2007 Winner of the HEAT WAVE CONTEST
Sponsored by Amber Heat Press




With his shaved head, piercings, and tattoos, the muscular Vic
Braunson isn’t one who falls hopelessly in love at first sight. But
when he meets swim instructor Matt diLorenzo at the gym, sparks fly
… despite the fact that Matt is dating Vic’s co-worker.

Then a chance encounter months later brings them together. When they
finally consummate their relationship, there’s no denying the energy
between them. But the next morning, Vic wakes to find his mind crowded
with a myriad of thoughts, none of them his own. After their second
night of making love, Vic is filled with unparalleled strength. Oh,
and he can fly.

Suddenly Vic is filled with questions he doesn’t know how to answer.
First, just what exactly is going on here? And how does he tell Mat
without alienating his new lover or ruining their budding
relationship? Or does Matt know something he himself is only now
finding out?

In the excerpt below, Vic wakes after his first evening with Matt …


Vic’s dreams of Matt had always been so damn realistic that at first
he thought the warm body in his arms was nothing more than a ghostly
figment that had followed him into the morning. But then the man
beside him shifted in his sleep, eliciting a soft moan, and the ass
against Vic’s crotch awoke his dick. Vic opened his eyes to find his
face was buried in a thatch of small black curls, his lips pressed
against the back of Matthew’s neck. So last night had happened —
they were finally over the almost imperceptable line that separated
friends and lovers.

The thought energized him. With Matt in his arms, Vic felt
invincible, as if he could take on the world. Today was going to be
awesome, he just knew it, and tomorrow, and the day after. Every
night spent with this man was a precious gift Vic knew he would
treasure. How long had he waited to find something like this? Seven
months, sure, since he first saw Matt at the gym and wanted — no,
needed — him. But it was longer than that, to be honest. Despite
his tough exterior, deep inside Vic believed in true love, happy ever
after, Prince Charming and rose petals on the bed sheets, forever cast
in a perfect ring of gold. He believed in The One, and he really
hoped Matt was it.

Careful not to wake his friend, Vic extracted himself from Matt’s
tangled limbs and slipped from the bed. His lover, he reminded
himself as he padded, barefoot and naked, to the bathroom. A slight
chill in the morning air made his flesh pimple into goose bumps and
inside the bathroom, he pulled on the oversized flannel bathrobe that
usually hung from the back of the door. To his own grizzled
reflection in the mirror above the sink, he growled, “Damn, it’s cold.”

He hadn’t realized how comfortable the bed had been, how warm the
blankets were wrapped around the two of them, and he wondered just how
fast he could be in the bathroom. With any luck, Matt would still be
asleep when Vic was finished taking a piss. He could just crawl back
between the sheets, snuggle up to his lover, maybe kiss him awake and
see if they couldn’t pick up where they left off last night. The way
his dick kept trying to stand in his hand as he tried to aim it in the
john betrayed its approval at that idea.

Vic winced at the toilet’s loud flush and turned the hot water in the
sink, eager to get back to bed. If Matt was still asleep after that —

In his hand he felt a slight snap and the faucet handle turned around
full circle. “Shit,” Vic muttered. When he turned the handle to its
original position, the water that splashed into the sink slowed to a
trickle but didn’t cut off completely. With annoyance, he flicked the
handle and it spun around three hundred sixty degrees like a child’s
toy. This was just what he needed today. “Fuck.”

A faint knock on the bathroom door interrupted him. From the other
side of the door, Matt called out in a sleepy voice, “Vic? You in there?”

“Sink’s broke.” Vic opened the door to find Matt standing in the
buff, his long body an endless stretch of dusky skin. Dark hair lined
his arms and legs and stomach like ink marks, coalescing into a
scribble at his crotch. Even just standing here, rubbing his eyes as
he tried to wake up, he looked amazing. “Hey sexy.”

** END**



J.M. Snyder
Web: http://jmsnyder.net
Blog: http://jmsnyder.com
Egroup: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jmsnyder/

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