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The Protector’s Destiny
Kiera Black
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What happens when an independent, strong-willed woman meets an alpha male?
Now imagine their meeting occurs while Elizabeth Winters is under attack.
Her assailant is among the undead, a vampire: the most feared and reviled of
Earth’s legendary creatures. Intent on coming to her rescue is Samuel Woods,
the leader of his people and Elizabeth’s one true mate. She is the Protector
s destiny. Together they stand between the undead and the enslavement of all

They are members of the Loup-garou, modern-day werewolves, destined to
protect humanity from vampires, while roaming the world in search of their
other half. From the mountains of Upstate New York, to the Saskatchewan
region of Canada, Sam and Elizabeth find themselves battling not only the
undead, but traitors from within. Can they find the traitors in time, or
will an ancient enemy destroy their love before it even begins?


First face to face (as humans) meeting between Sam and Elizabeth


He watched Elizabeth snap to attention the moment he entered. All
conversations stopped. The room grew still. His presence captured
everyone’s attention as though everyone in the room held their collective
breath waiting to see what he would do—where he would sit, whom he met.

He sensed her breath hitch as her eyes met his from across the room.
He is one absolutely magnificent male specimen and doesn’t it figure? Greek
God handsome. But a control freak—just my luck.

Sam stumbled for a second. He’d never heard someone praise his body through
a mental link before. It felt both humbling and ego stroking. Elizabeth
broadcast her thoughts while he listened, wondering what she’d think next.

Man, he embodies the essence of male beauty. He must be over six feet tall.
He completely fills the doorway. And look at those incredibly broad
shoulders. Does he deliberately buy his tee shirts two sizes too small?
What I wouldn’t like better than to slowly peel it away to see what was
hidden underneath. Not a damn thing wrong to look at him, but a crying
shame he’s a chauvinist.

He pulled the sunglasses from his eyes and heard her mental gasp.

His eyes are an unbelievable shade of green, the color of moss after a
spring shower. And his hair, look at it, a deep dark chocolate brown, wavy,
and barely touching his shoulders. Ooh la la.

After what seemed like an eternity of staring into each other’s eyes, Sam
smiled. Her latest stray thought almost stopped him in his tracks.

Look at that slow, sinfully sexy smile. It makes me want to climb on board
and tell him to take me for a ride. Elizabeth swallowed.

Without breaking eye contact, he walked toward her, his steps purposeful and

Sam generally remained impervious to the reaction he received whenever he
walked into a room. Women would stop and stare at him as soon as he entered
their thoughts easily read in their faces. The men would scowl, invariably
jealous of the attention he garnered. Always, he ignored them, not caring
what others thought.

This time though, he was terrified she would be disappointed. It took every
ounce of his self-control not to let her know how much her opinion of him
meant. He’d never been more frightened of not meeting someone’s
expectations than at this moment. When he saw the awe clearly written all
over her face, an intense wave of relief washed over him and he let a
broader smile spread across his face.

Sam didn’t know what to expect when he finally saw Elizabeth face-to-face in
the light of day. He sure didn’t anticipate the sudden jolt of pure lust
that raged through his body at the first sight of her.

Stunningly beautiful, she was the most gorgeous woman he’d ever seen. Her
hair—as black as a witch’s cat—reached her waist. She had a delicate,
petite frame. He smiled when he noticed her feet didn’t touch the café
floor. His little pixie.

Her eyes, though, held him spellbound. They were silvery with tiny specks
of midnight blue. A man could drown in those limpid orbs.

Sam realized he stood there like a marble statue, unable to take his eyes
off her. She was his mate, his better half. The one who would help heal
his soul and fill all his lonely hours with love, compassion, and

She possessed a strong power equal to his. Not only had she been born with
the strength to become a protector’s mate, she was the mate to his heart.
Sam knew that without a doubt. She was his match—his destiny.

Gathering his courage and looking more confident than he felt, he strode
toward her table terrified she’d disappear if he looked away. Worse yet, he
feared she might be a figment of his imagination. A very vivid,
breathtakingly beautiful hallucination.

“May I join you?” He heard her thoughts crash through his mind as he let
her feelings wash over and through him.

Oh, my God, that voice. She blinked. So deep and husky.

Sam watched her hands grip the edge of the table,her knuckles whiten with
strain. Her whole body vibrated, singing with energy that he knew she
couldn’t explain. More than just physical attraction, it was something
deeper, more elemental. Something in him calling to something in her.
Demanding, insistent, and completely primitive.

Elizabeth swallowed the knot in her throat. “Sure, have a seat.” Sam
watched as she slid forward until her feet could touch the floor and forced
herself to stand. After releasing her death grip on the table, Elizabeth
cautiously held out her right hand to him.

“This probably isn’t necessary since we already know each other’s names, but
I’m Elizabeth Winters.”

Rather than shake her hand, Sam grabbed her delicate fingers and raised them
to his mouth, never taking his eyes from her. Her petal soft skin smelled
of rose-scented hand lotion. Her thoughts showed in her expression, if one
only looked. Awe, confusion, even terror darkened her silvery eyes.

He kissed each knuckle, soothing the tension in her hands before turning her
hand palm up and gently kissing the exact center. He sensed her indecision,
felt her weighing her options. Would she run or sit down?

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*~*Kiera Black*~*

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