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May 15, 2007
Note from Dandelion: This article has such valuable information, we wanted to share it with you, if you haven’t seen it yet. Some of you may not know that “in 325 AD the Roman Church at the First Council of Nicaea ‘created’ what is known today as the Christian Bible, and in doing so outlawed all ancient knowledge, and excluded from what you are able to know about numerology by keeping from you (from having access to some of the ancient writings).” In this article you will find a list of the books that were removed from the Old Testament.

This report comes from Sorcha Faal; although many have indicated that her information is incorrect, in this instance, “numbers are indisputable” and the rest of the information is fascinating and highly probable.


On April 14 (2007) 33 teachers and students were tragically killed, but you, most likely, did not hear of this as this tragedy took place in Turkey when a school bus crashed.

You did hear about, however, a massacre that occurred 2 days later on April 16 (2007) in the United States where 33 teachers and students were tragically killed by a crazed gunman.

What you may not be aware of is that these two terrible tragedies are one in the same as with all events of this kind there is no such thing as coincidence, rather one had served as a warning for the other.

The ‘tie that binds’ these two events are the numbers, or as more correctly stated in Western culture is the much misunderstood knowledge of an ancient science called Numerology.

From the ancient Hebrew system of Numerology called the Kabbalah, to the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, to the Indian Vedas, and the ancient Chinese ‘Circle of the Dead’, all of these, and more of our human histories interrelationship with The Numbers of the Universe led one of the Christian World’s earliest Saints, Augustine of Hippo, to write in the 4th Century:

“Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth.”

What Saint Augustine of Hippo, and all of our most ancient ancestors realized was the simple truth that through the knowledge of numbers, numerology and mathematics there could be nothing hidden from our collective knowledge of all things, even future things.

Why this knowledge is not known to you now is because in 325 AD the Roman Church at the First Council of Nicaea ‘created’ what is known today as the Christian Bible, and in doing so outlawed all ancient knowledge, and excluded from what you are able to know about numerology by keeping from you the following ancient writings:

“1. The Book of the Wars of the Lord: We can read about this book in (Bible) Numbers 21:14.

2. The Book of Jasher: We read about this book in Joshua 10:13. This book is also mentioned in II Samuel, 1:18.

3. Three books of Solomon: The first book contained one thousand and five Psalms, the second described the history of creation, and the third consisted of three thousand Proverbs. This book is mentioned in I Kings 4:32.

4. The Book of Manners of the Kingdom: We find the mention of this missing book in I Samuel 10:25.

5. The History of Samuel the Seer: (6) The History of Prophet Nathan & (7) The Book of Gad the Seer: These three missing books (5, 6, & 7) are mentioned in I Chronicles 29:29.

8. The Book of Shemiah, the Prophet: (9) The Book of Iddo, the Seer: Both (8 & 9) books are mentioned in II Chronicles 12:15.

10. The Prophecy of Ahijah (11) The Visions of Iddo, the Seer: These two books (10 & 11) are mentioned in II Chronicles 9:29. The books of Iddo and Nathan are also mentioned in this verse.

12. The Book of Jehu, the son of Hanani: This book is mentioned in II Chronicles 20:24.

13. The Book of Isaiah, the Prophet: This book consisted of complete accounts of Uzziah. It is mentioned in II Chronicles 26:22.

14. The Book of Visions of Isaiah: This lost book contained the complete accounts of Hezekiah and is mentioned in II Chronicles 32:32.

15. The Lamentation of Jeremiah: This lost book consisted of Jeremiah’s lamentation for Josiah, and is described in II Chronicles 35:25.

16. The Book of Chronicles: This missing book is mentioned in Nehemiah 12:23. (This book is not included in the present books. This is another book, which does not exist today)

17. The Book of Covenant of Moses: This missing book is mentioned in Exodus 24:7.

18. The Book of the Acts of Solomon: We find the mention of this book in I Kings 11:14.”

Not content with just the destruction of our Earth’s most ancient knowledge, the Roman Church then plunged the Western World into its darkest period, now known as the Dark Ages, and which they used to destroy, and annihilate, all ancient knowledge and peoples.

Once the Roman Church’s control over the West was secure, and all ancient knowledge, and peoples, destroyed, they then proceeded to conquer the entire World in a period they call the Renaissance, and which resulted in the deaths of over an estimated 100 million human beings in the Americas alone.

When confronted with this undeniable past of our common human existence, one must then ask the simplest of questions, “Why has the truth of these things been kept from us’?

The answer to this question is simple, “Control”

If all human beings knew even the most basic understanding of numbers, numerology and mathematics the pattern of their lives, and those of their society, even to the future of all things, would be revealed. And, in KNOWING there is power, the only power that really matters because it is that alone which makes human beings truly free.

I would like, very much, to begin sharing this ancient wisdom with you as we have preserved it for the many centuries we have equally been persecuted for our knowledge of it.

In return, as always labor must be given in exchange for knowledge, your continued efforts to support our mission are desperately needed.

It has only been through your kind, and generous, donations that have kept us ‘alive’ and able to continue our efforts toward true knowledge and understanding.

As you know, we stand opposed to the tide of dark ignorance that is currently descending upon all the World’s peoples, especially those of the West and which has replaced true information of the World with a celebrity based culture that spews forth nothing but trivialities and propaganda.

The value of your efforts on our behalf can be seen everyday by your visits to our websites, and wherein the Truest Picture of our World is portrayed for all to see.

This could not be possible without you making it so, we cannot continue unless you also make that so.

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