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H.E.Curtis is happy to announce Twilight Fantasies Publication, http://www.twilightfantasies
com will be releasing her fantasy/romance book, Tribunal of the Rose, on May 16th

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Once, the worlds of men and Sidhe co-existed together without turmoil or
fear. But now, contact with men or Sidhe is forbidden in both realms. For
some, like Tralina and Rhys, the penalty for loving one another is death.
One at the hands of the inquisition, the other at the hands of the tribunal,
whose knightly oaths he swore to uphold and guard the realm of the Sidhe.

In the shadow of outlawed love and the presence of forbidden Sidhe magic,
there is a magic so ancient and powerful it was locked away and knowledge of
it intentionally forgot, to be lost forever. While the love of Tralina and
Rhys grows, so do the shadows which haunt their paths and seek to claim the
lives of both. Facing the fires of the inquisition, to the Wild Hunt itself
will their love remain strong enough to keep them alive, or will the cost
be too great and plunge both worlds into deep shadow?


Tralina smiled in remembrance of her own coming of age. She had been
terrified when her moon blood first appeared, but it had turned to joy when
her mother and grandmother told her she had been set aside by the heavens
and could now be taught the mysteries only women learned. She stopped; the
sight of rising smoke darkening the sky suddenly filling her with dread as
she quickened her pace and reached the outskirts of the gathering spot.

Many were present, all murmuring or talking quickly. She thought she heard
some shouts but was not able to be sure as she made her way toward the small
stone meditation chamber—more like a very small room, but large enough for
two people to live in. The smoke grew thicker, and Tralina wondered why the
bonfires had been lit so early.
As she cleared the last of the people, she found herself sadly mistaken. The
small meditation chamber was engulfed in flames, as were the traditional
sheaves of grain near by. However her attention did not linger on the fire,
for she now saw the Inquisitor facing the crowd. He held aloft a flaming
brand in one hand and threw it into the chamber. His eyes wild, and face
twisted in the thrill of the moment. Someone shouted the young girl’s name,
and with a gut wrenching realization Tralina did not see the young girl in
the crowd, which meant she had been in the chamber.

Tralina ran forward, there may still be time to get the young woman out. The
fire looked as if it had just started burning. She could hear others rushing
behind her, a shout and then suddenly a figure appeared in front of her.
Strong hands grasped her arm, almost sending her off her feet. Someone
snickered, anger flared in her and without thinking she twisted free and
pushed her shoulder into the figure. A startled shout told her she had the
element of surprise as the figure stumbled away from her and she ran forward
Another figure stepped in front of her; this time a sword barred her way.

She met the gaze of the Inquisitor. He regarded her intently, his eyes
lingering on her breasts, and her hips. His hand didn’t waver but held the
blade steady, point first against her chest. This man knew his blade work,
and Tralina saw he liked it as well. Given the least provocation she knew he
would kill her. The man’s smile widened.

“What have we here? A witch perhaps?”

“There is a child in that chamber, help her.”

“My dear, misguided lamb. If there is a child in there, than better she be
consumed then suffer the taint of dark magic.”

H.E. Curtis
Turn Your Fantasies into Magic

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