523. REVIEW: Ellora’s Cavemen: Dreams of the Oasis IV ~ EC Anthology

Title: Ellora’s Cavemen: Dreams of the Oasis IV
Getting Slayed, Anya Bast; Sting of the Wind, Charlotte Boyett-Compo; Temperature Rising, Lena Matthews; Virtuosity, Kris Starr; Shadows Stir, N. J. Walters; Passionflower, Ravyn Wilde.

Website of Publisher: http://www.ellorascave.com
Genre: Vampire/Paranormal/Futuristic/
Rating: E-rotic
Publication date: 2006
ISBN: 1-4199-0524-4
Length: Anthology (6 Person)
Format: eBook
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Getting Slayed, Anya Bast
The dragon curse (similar to Lady Hawk) leaves the Prince a dragon by day a man by night. He thwarts the Princess’ plans to marry on several occasions compelling the King to call for the best dragon slayers. Who will win the ladies hand in the end, one who defeats the dragon or the one who defeats her heart? Story line has been over done, but some will love the tale anyway. Not enough hot scenes for me but those that are there do tempt the reader.

Sting of the Wind, Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Good vampire hires human personal assistant/lover, to run his corporation, which conducts research for a cure for vampire and werewolf alike, and also looks for a cure for childhood diseases. After many years of service their love grows as well and now it is time for her to become like him. Sizzles from the start. There is some difficulty in continuity since her name changes form Shannon O’Rourke in chapter 1 and 2 to Miss Walsh in chapter 3 and back to O’Rourke again. Mostly it is 2 nights of passion with a few flashbacks to earlier days in their relationship. Not much story line however.

Temperature Rising, Lena Matthews
It’s all about being neighbourly. When the temperature outside rises and rolling blackouts threaten Danner finds a way to help Breanna from getting a migraine. Doesn’t everyone know sex is better than an air conditioner for curing what ails? Especially when big brother is away. Fun and sexy cool down on a hot day. That’s what are friends for.

Virtuosity, Kris Starr
Commander Dillon has been struggling with loneliness for the 3 years since her husband’s death. Her friend encourage her to find love in the holosuites with a man of her very own creation. Will the created lover ever be enough for Dillon. Fun in a dreamy sort of way. If we really could create a dream lover would we be satisfied. Sparks a lot of daydreaming. Intimate episodes are continuously cut short, they could be much more detailed.

Shadows Stir, N. J. Walters
The shadow warriors have kept mankind safe but now they are threatened by destruction by their own apathy. Something must be done and the Shadow Lord knows it is now time for mates to be found. This is thrilling and well written, with plenty of passion and tenderness. I would love to hear about more of the warriors, over two dozen of them. What a great series this would make. I will definitely be looking at more of N.J. Walters.

Passionflower, Ravyn Wilde
Alien, M’ike, comes to Earth to find a mate, Nancy. However the two species are not completely compatible, so he must train her sexually in order to be able to receive his size. Simple bondage with ongoing orgasm. Not a lot of passion dialogue, multiple cocks, and pods produce a mediocre read in my opinion.

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