519. BOOK EXCERPT: Looking Glass Portal ~ Larriane Wills


This is from Looking Glass Portal, Larriane Wills’ latest release
Tag line: Are minds linked over distance, even the vastness of space?
Is reality on one planet just a dream or legend on another? Go with Garrett on an incredible journey to discover the answers.

Garrett is either in a coma, lost in crazy dreams or just plain crazy,
locked in a padded cell living a delusion. Pig-like men don’t come out
of thin air with a weapon that punches holes through flesh and bone.
There is no such thing as a Thornn research vessel or giant bumble
bees called yantz that produce an organic substance to replace missing
flesh and bone, and there sure as hell isn’t really a Pegasus. Aliens
of all shapes, sizes and colors don’t gang up on you and try to kill
you. But damn if it didn’t all seem real as real as the constant
pain he had lived with for twelve years. Did it even matter? Real or
insane delusion, Garrett knew he was in a fight for his life.

Excerpt #1
He looked for the cigarette he had dropped and crushed it out with
the high heel of his riding boot. Just as his hand closed on the
nearest rein, Boss threw his head and backed, yanking Garrett off his
feet. The smell hit Garrett as he landed on his knees. It wasn’t like
anything he had ever smelled before, and as a working cowboy he had
smelled some of the worst. The odor was like something between a skunk
and a rotted carcass. The stench drove Boss wild, and made Garrett
sick. He held his breath and crawled in a desperate attempt for the reins.
“No, Boss,” he cried out.
The fence with its flesh tearing barbs was behind them, and Boss was
too panicked to see it as he whirled and lunged. Garrett got one foot
under him only to go down when something hit him in the back. He saw
Boss hit the wire as he fell. He saw the wire snap and whip as the
ground rushed up to slam him in the face. He heard Boss’s screams of
pain and terror. His own terror began.

Excerpt #2
He answered in a weak whisper, confused and in shock. “I thought he
was a man at first, not some kind of animal,”
“The Karoz is a male humanoid of a primitive race,” she told him
crisply. “Were you upon your–?”
“Humanoid?” His characteristic sardonic smile twisted his lips even as
weak as he was. “If I’m not delirious, I’ve got to be crazy.”
“Delirious is from fever of which you have none. However, your vessel
of life is weak. The time of questions must be short. Were you upon
your beast of burden when you were attacked?”
The question seemed important though Garrett couldn’t understand why
any question, either in dream or craziness, would be. “No,” he said
and closed his eyes. “I was on the ground when that ape thing came at
us. Boss…” His eyes popped back open. “Is Boss suffering?”
“Boss is your beast of burden?”
“Yes, is he suffering?” He struggled to get up, but the only thing he
could move was his head.
“No, and do not exert yourself.”
He gave up, too dazed then to panic. “I could hear him screaming, but
I couldn’t move. Can’t move…must have hit my head…damn I’m tired.”
“You are weak.”
Garrett gave her a slight smile and told her faintly, “Lady, if any of
this was real, I’d be dying or dead.”

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