517. Excerpt from Hot Sex with a Stranger ~ Collette Thomas

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At the request of his grandfather, Jonathan Wetherall III agrees to meet
his childhood nemesis, Adrienne Bennett, for fun and relaxation. He
arrives at the airport expecting a redheaded blue-eyed pain in the neck,
instead he finds an attractive woman with brown eyes doing a bad job of
impersonating her roommate. Determined to show her a thing or two,
Jonathan pretends to be a stranger.

While waiting to meet the nerdy Jonathan Wetherall III, Myrna Dunbar
realizing Wetherall has stood her up, instead meets tall handsome cowboy
Flynt Adams, a man who has existed only in her most intimate fantasies.
With her no holds bar roommate gone for the next two weeks, Myrna
assumes the identity and name of Adrienne Bennett and not only discovers
that dark shadow part of herself, but lives out all of her darkest


Myrna stepped back to assess her work. Out of the corner of one eye she
spotted all the playthings she had lined up earlier that she had taken
from the armoire. Playthings she would get to play with now, among them
the intimidating black leather switch. She had never purposely hit
anyone in her life, and wondered if she would have the courage to use
that thing on him.

The thought of actual flagellation made her smile. No one makes a fool
of Myrna Dunbar. She eyed the man spread eagle, squirming on top of
Adrienne’s bed.

No one.

Myrna tapped into a part of herself that gave full permission to follow
any and all inclinations, despite where they might take her. Coupled
with the willingness to risk as well as push the envelope right over the
proverbial edge.

She took two small clothespins from the lineup, remembering a scene from
a recent book she had read. Beauty’s Punishment—a recommended
read by Adrienne. She placed the clothespins on the side of the bed.

She took another silk scarf and tied several knots into its center. She
climbed onto the bed, straddled him, bent over and placed the scarf so
that it covered his mouth and tied it at the back of his head ensuring
the gag did what it was supposed to do—keep him quiet.

Realizing what she was doing to him Jonathan arched against her, as if
to try to throw her off, but her weight held him down on to the bed.
With his hands and legs bounded he could do little but succumb to her

Unable to see, unable to speak, she took the clamp and clipped it
against one of Jonathan’s nipples. His body suddenly straightened,
and he gave a low moan.

Gently she stroked his chest as if to reassure him it was going to be
okay, yet at the same time positioned another small clamp over the other

Depending on what she did, the pain she could create could produce
pleasure as well. She had heard Art tell Adrienne one night during one
of their intense sessions, from pain came exquisite pleasure, but from
pleasure, pain could also result.

Lovingly, she kissed each of Jonathan’s nipples that now held its
own special clamp. She licked the skin around each one, circling them
with her tongue, reveling in the moans from him.

He struggled against his bonds. Yet, somehow she knew he did not want
her to stop with this sweet torture, aptly called as Adrienne once put
it—tit torture.

She grinned. She wanted to laugh aloud. Celebrate the fact she had
gotten this far, feeling a measure of untold power. Celebrate this
sudden ability to punish, while at the same time produce inside that
marvelous ache she suspected would eventually drive him crazy.

She slid downward over his body until she came face to face with his
cock. She took the engorged shaft into her hands, and with deliberate
steady strokes, caressed it to full erection. When she felt a slight
trickle of pre-cum, she immediately stopped the fondling.

“Not yet,” she whispered. “Not yet.”

His rapid breathing told her he was about ready to cum.

“Not yet,” she continued in a crooning whisper. “We have all
night, and the night has only just begun.”

Jonathan yanked at his bonds, realizing the woman’s determination to
govern his torment. Again, he felt her take his cock, this time she drew
it into her mouth, and began to suck it to the point of explosion.

Again on the fringes of ejaculation she stopped, leaving him in an
intense frill of pure frustration.

“You have been a very naughty boy,” she murmured, caressing his
belly. “We must take our time,” she added. “You’ll come
when I say you can come.”

Her voice low and resolute, she possessed an arrogance that made him
speculate further about her capabilities.

“You are my sex slave tonight. You breathe when I tell you to
breathe. You cum when I tell you to cum. Or you will feel my wrath.”

Jonathan tried to speak but could only make nonsensical utterances
behind his gag. He pulled hard at the cuffs, remembered the bars they
were attached to—also made of steel.

This control, this mastery produced a heady sensation inside Myrna,
giving her the courage to dismount and pick up the menacing switch.

She grasped it into one hand and suddenly felt a searing ache that shot
up through her groin. Holding the whip was a turn on she realized.

The secret to a satisfactory and safe whipping is to hit only fleshy
muscled meat.

A sentence out of one of Adrienne’s books stuck in her mind. She
looked at the whip with its three or so inch tails.

“Did you ever think it would come to this?” she asked. “That
day at the airport, when you decided to take on the identity of

Slowly, lightly, she drew the ends of the whip across Jonathan’s
belly. She pulled it back, and did this again and again over his chest.
“Then again, neither one of us was willing to show our true selves,
coming from boring uninspiring lives. Here we are reaching into that
same self, digging out our darkest illusions.”

His body stiffened as he tried to make out what she was doing.

Again and again, he felt the light touch of something flicking over him
making him acutely aware that more was coming.

“Yes, you have been a very naughty boy,” Myrna declared.
“And so here we are playing out this little game to the fullest.
Before I proceed, I want you to shake your head if you want me to

Jonathan remained motionless.

“Just as I thought. I’m taking it you want me to continue.

Suddenly, there was a sting to his right thigh muscle. He tried to coil
away, instantly feeling the instrument of his torture.

Myrna slid the ends of the whip over his stomach. He flinched, feeling
it started to crawl over his genitals. Would she dare hit him there? he
anxiously worried.

He never knew where the switch would strike next, yet sensed her
presence as she walked around the bed, deliberately, calculating each
flick to his body like some pesky fly, the intensity of the whip

His cock was again fully erect, yet he was unable to cum. He moaned as
she continued to inflict this exquisite pain.

“We put all deceit aside,” she suddenly said. “Here we
reveal our true selves.”

Jonathan tried to say something.

“Don’t bother,” she said, her voice low, fierce, making
Jonathan wonder what else she had in store, how far she could go.

“No longer will you make a fool of me,” she crooned, snapping
the whip against his right shoulder. “After tonight, no longer do we
play out this charade.” She cracked it against his left shoulder.
“You must know by now that I am not your former friend,
Adrienne.” She bent over, brushing the side of her sweat-soaked face
against his.

Jonathan fought against his bindings, sensing this woman’s rancor,
telling him this might no longer be a game.

“All my life people have laughed at me because of my naiveté. Are
you still laughing?”

Jonathan shook his head.

“I don’t believe you.” Another flick of the switch, this
time against his right hip.

“Perhaps you prefer Adrienne, except Adrienne is not here. So you
have only me to contend with, and as we play out this little game to the
fullest, you will learn and obey.”

Jonathan’s cock pulsated and hardened again, engorged with blood,
needing release.

She mounted him again and took the cock fully into her mouth. She tasted
him, sucked him, stroked his shaft. “Doesn’t this feel good?
Really good. I can make you cum.” She licked the head of his cock
with her tongue, flicking it lightly across like a whip.

Jonathan felt himself grow hard in her mouth.

Again she stopped at the point of his climax, decreasing the intensity,
fully aware of his point of no return. She gently grasped his testicles
now enlarged, wrapped around his penis.

“Relax,” she ordered, knowing the impossibility of that

A low frustrated groan came through the gag, signaling her that he was
completely under her submission, completely under her domination.

Suddenly, she dismounted. The room grew quiet. Jonathan realized she
was no longer in the room. Had she left him there—a no-no rule by
all standards—left him to think over what had just occurred?

He strained at the bindings, yet despite his strength was unable to free

With the darkness caused by the blindfold, he felt as if he had entered
a world where reality—his former reality—had been suspended. She
had conquered the beast. Yet, he felt she was not finished, not by a
long shot. Fear edged his thought, along with something else… sheer

*end of excerpt*


Collette Thomas creates an awe-inspiring story that you will not want to
stop reading. Filled with funny scenes, Hot Sex With A Stranger will
keep you laughing at Myrna’s antics plus secondary character Flynt’s
clumsiness when he tries to be macho. An admirable blend of sex with
light BDSM to keep you squirming and a refreshing change of pace to the
tired readers of BD. I loved it when Myrna faced the roller coaster and
kept it together while screaming at the same time.

TwoLips Review – 4/-1/2 Lips

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Collette Thomas


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