51. An Alternative View: Black Lace Books ~ Erotica: Office Perks ~ Monica Belle

Title: Office Perks
Author: Monica Belle
Publisher: Black Lace
Genre: Adult Fiction / Erotic
Publication date: 2005
ISBN: 0-352-33939-X
Length: 241 pages
Edition: Paperback

Office Perks ~ Monica Belle ~ Black Lace

“…a contemporary story with a no-holds barred plot full of sexual fantasies and down-to-earth prose. Humorous, arousing and entertaining. Exactly what you need in this genre.”

For pre-university work experience, red haired Lucy Doyle’s family find her a summer job working in a Parochial House in North London. Big mistake. Fiery tempered Lucy is the last person who you’d expect to be serving pompous old farts of the cloth. She’d much rather be serving the gardener, hunky Todd Byrne (which she does) getting herself sacked on her first day.

Needless to say, Lucy is more worried about what her mother will say, than losing a boring, badly paid job working for Father Jessop. Determined to find another job, to ease the blow, she finds herself standing under a sign of a temping agency – Super Staff and signs up. Meeting two girls, the ladylike but filthy Bobbie and the completely smutty Sophie, the likely trio cause a riot of sexual promiscuity throughout the offices of London.

However, getting a reference causes more problems than Lucy expected. When the priests refuse, she turns to Niall Flynn, who she typed for on the odd occasion. He’s not the kind of man who will do something for nothing, and as the story unfolds, Lucy notices Niall is becoming more attached to her than she bargained for. She doesn’t blame him, he’s allowed to play with her, and her friends, so why should he complain? What worries her are the words ‘girlfriend’ and ‘pregnancy’ both of which Niall directs to her, and her alone. Not an ideal situation, for Lucy, who just wants to have fun collecting lovers, annoying bosses, drinking too much and generally having a naughty time.

Written in first person, Office Perks relays Lucy’s innermost thoughts, secrets and gregarious actions, pulling you deep inside this explicit story of three girls out on the pull. If you can handle the heat, Monica Belle has created an entertaining, naughty read, sure to keep you turning those pages. It’s a contemporary story with a no-holds barred plot full of sexual fantasies and down-to-earth prose. Exactly what you need in this genre. My favourite part of the storyline must be the relationship between Lucy and Niall. I find Lucy’s tactics of using reverse psychology thoroughly amusing. Coming a close second is Lucy’s humorous encounter with the rich Charles King and his very expensive Shahin Dezh, pre-war rug, not exactly the shag pile, Lucy is used to. There are also notes at the beginning of each chapter, which tease you into reading more – a great idea. This is the first book I have read by Monica Belle, and it will not be my last. I loved the ending – so funny—and so Lucy! I hope there is another book about Lucy’s adventures at Uni. If not there should be!


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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