506. New Concepts authors Spring Scavenger Hunt

In celebration of spring and to show our appreciation for our
readers, New Concepts authors are holding a Spring Scavenger Hunt
exclusively for members of the New Concepts Readers and Authors
Yahoo group, If you haven’t subscribed here is the link —
new_concepts_pub-subscribe@yahoogroups.com .

Each of the participating authors has hidden a flower graphic somewhere on their website, and it’s up to you to find them. The contest will run from April 15, 2007 through April 30, 2007.

Take a look at the fabulous prize packages being offered:

Prize Package ONE:
–Download of ATONEMENT (paranormal romance) by Sherrill Quinn
–Download of SUMMERWIND (contemporary romance) by Charlotte Boyett-
Compo, AND postcards of all her NCP bookcovers and a personally
autographed handmade bookmark
–Download of one of Teri Adkins’ books (winner’s choice)
–Butterfly Windchime from Pamela Tyner
–Bath Goodies from Kally Jo Surbeck

Prize Package TWO:
–Download of CARJACKED (romantic comedy) by Liz Craven
–Download of one of Donna Grant’s books (winner’s choice), AND an
autographed promo item from Donna Grant
–$10.00 NCP Gift Certificate from Debbie Wallace
–Gift Basket (includes Chai tea, Kona coffee, Samantha Storm coffee
cup, and assorted cookies) from Samantha Storm
–WOLF collectible tin sign OR doggie t-shirt (winner’s choice) from
Danika Harper

Prize Package THREE:
–Print copy of DREAM WEAVER (time travel romance) by Shirley Martin
–Download of one of Kate Hill’s NCP books (winner’s choice)
–Download of one of Samantha Storm’s books (winner’s choice)
–Goodie Basket from Desiree Gelsi
–Bath and Body Items from Celia Ashley

Prize Package FOUR:
–Download of PMSing (paranormal romance) by Buffi BeCraft-Woodall
–Download of AGAINST THE ODDS (romantic suspense) by Debbie Wallace
–Download of one of Samantha Storm’s books (winner’s choice)
–Spring ‘Basket’ of Fun Gifts from CJ England
–10 Nights of Passion mini kit from Shara Lanel

Prize Package FIVE:

–Autographed print copy of TEMPTING FATE: HOLIDAY FANTASIES
(romance) by Kay Wilde
–Download of THE TIGER’S EYE (paranormal romance) by Liz Craven
–Download of one of Penelope Marzec’s NCP books (winner’s choice)
–Spring Goodie Bag (includes tea, chocolate & bath stuff) from
Catherine Stang
–Massage oils from Shay Lacy

Prize Package SIX:
–PDF download of STRANGER IN THE NIGHT (contemporary romance) by
Lacey Diamond
–Download of one of Angelia Whiting’s books (winner’s choice)
–Download of NORTHERN SKY by T.J. Killian (paranormal romance) when
released (May 2007)
–Goodie Basket from Donna McAteer
–Goodie Bag from Meagan Hatfield

Interested? Please read on for the instructions and rules.

How to Play:
1. Visit the websites of each of the 26 participating authors listed below.
2. Locate the flower graphic on their site (there will be a different graphic on each site).
3. Note the name of the flower. Not flower-name knowledgeable? Don’t worry, the authors have provided the name of the flower for you!
4. Complete the entry from below.
5. Copy and past the entry form into the body of an email (attachments will not be opened) and send it to ncpcontest @ hotmail.com (no spaces, of course) with the subject line “Spring Scavenger Hunt”.


1. Entrants must be a member of the New Concepts Readers and
Authors Yahoo group.
2. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older.
3. Deadline for entry is midnight (eastern time) April 30, 2007.
4. Correct flower name for ALL authors must be listed.
5. Six winners will be drawn at random from all correct entries received.
6. Winners will be notified by email on May 3rd, and will have one week to reply and provide their mailing address. If there’s no reply after seven days a new winner will be drawn.
7. Entering the contest grants us permission to list your name and state/country of residency as a winner.

Should you have questions regarding the scavenger hunt, please send those to ncpcontest @ hotmail.com (no spaces) with the subject line “Question”

Participating Authors (listed alphabetically) and Website:

Teri Adkins: www.teriadkins.com
Celia Ashley: www.celiaashley.com
Buffi BeCraft-Woodall: www.buffibecraftwoodallauthor.com
Charlotte Boyett-Compo: www.windlegends.org
Liz Craven: www.lizcraven.com
Lacey Diamond: www.laceydiamond.net
CJ England: www.cjengland.com
Desiree Gelsi: www.desireegelsi.com
Donna Grant: www.donnagrant.com
Danika Harper: www.romancingthewolf.com
Meagan Hatfield: www.meaganhatfield.com
Kate Hill: www.kate-hill.com
T.J. Killian: www.tjkillian.com
Shay Lacy: www.shaylacy.com
Shara Lanel: www.sharalanel.com
Shirley Martin: www.shirleymartin.net
Penelope Marzec: www.penelopemarzec.com
Donna McAteer: www.DonnaMcAteer.com
Sherrill Quinn: www.sherrillquinn.com
Catherine Stang: www.catherinestang.com
Samantha Storm: www.samanthastorm.com
Kally Jo Surbeck: www.kallyjosurbeck.com
Pamela Tyner: www.pamelatyner.com
Debbie Wallace: www.angelfire.com/me5/dawallace
Angelia Whiting: www.geocities.com/angeliawhiting
Kay Wilde: www.kaywilde.com


Your Name:
Your state or country of residency:
Your Yahoo ID (to verify group membership):
Your Email:

Participating Authors: Name of flower:
Teri Adkins
Celia Ashley
Buffi BeCraft-Woodall
Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Liz Craven
Lacey Diamond
CJ England
Desiree Gelsi
Donna Grant
Danika Harper
Meagan Hatfield
Kate Hill
T.J. Killian
Shay Lacy
Shara Lanel
Shirley Martin
Penelope Marzec
Donna McAteer
Sherrill Quinn
Catherine Stang
Samantha Storm
Kally Jo Surbeck
Pamela Tyner
Debbie Wallace
Angelia Whiting
Kay Wilde

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