504. The Protector’s Destiny, by Kiera Black

The Protector’s Destiny
by Kiera Black
copyright 2007, Triskelion Publishing

Available NOW at: http://tinyurl.com/34tzrr


What happens when an independent, strong-willed woman meets an alpha
male? Now imagine their meeting occurs while Elizabeth Winters is under
attack. Her assailant is among the undead, a vampire: the most feared
and reviled of Earth’s legendary creatures. Intent on coming to her
rescue is Samuel Woods, the leader of his people and Elizabeth’s one
true mate. She is the Protector’s destiny. Together they stand between
the undead and the enslavement of all mankind.

They are members of the Loup-garou, modern-day werewolves, destined to
protect humanity from vampires, while roaming the world in search of
their other half. From the mountains of Upstate New York, to the
Saskatchewan region of Canada, Sam and Elizabeth find themselves
battling not only the undead, but traitors from within. Can they find
the traitors in time, or will an ancient enemy destroy their love before
it even begins?


Intro to our Hero, Sam


May, New Orleans

Samuel Woods glanced over his shoulder, gazing at the paperback atop his
desk. The cover showed a wolf and a vampire locked in combat. Instinct
warned him that the author of the latest best-selling paranormal novel
to hit the stand wrote her tales from first hand knowledge of the
Loup-garou. The text was too accurate, the images that the printed
words evoked too unerringly explicit. His people were hunted—their
lives in danger, their numbers few.

How could Elizabeth Winters write so accurately about life as a
werewolf? Unless….

Questions and theories floated through his mind. No matter how hard he
wanted to see otherwise, Sam found only one logical answer. But, he
needed to go right to the source.

Unfortunately, he would have to find her first. He needed to call Blake
Donovan. Blake could find anyone or anything in no time and lived for
such challenges. He was a damn good P.I., a better friend, and
Sam’s number one.

An urgent demand filled him. He needed to be out in the open to think
and find the peace he desperately needed. Resolute, Sam strode back to
his desk and gathered his jacket and car keys.

After a last look around the office, Sam set the alarm, turned off the
lights, and strode into the night. As he sat behind the wheel of his
SUV, he contemplated his course of action. His first step was to get in
touch with Blake.

For some reason, he felt connected to Ms. Winters. His accurate
instincts screamed at him to find her, to make contact. She was vital
to him. He knew this without doubt.

The phone rang three times before Blake’s answering machine picked
“Donovan. Leave a message.”

Sam grunted. He hated answering machines, yet everyone seemed to have
one. “Blake, it’s Sam. I have a job for you. Give me a call
at the house.”

Frustrated by the delay, Sam sighed, disconnected and tossed the phone
onto the passenger seat. After checking for oncoming traffic, he pulled
out of the parking lot and headed for the highway. From crowded Jazz
clubs to sold-out walking tours, New Orleans glittered in the evening.

The city faded in his rearview mirror as he sped toward his sanctuary,
the plantation. He loved watching the stars encrust the evening sky.
Tonight, the full moon’s brilliance shimmered against the ice blue

Unable to help himself, he rolled down his window and breathed in the
mixed scents of the humid swamp air and the forest around him. A raven
circled in the darkening sky. Its shrill squawks filled the night as it
called for its mate. Sam let his gaze cut through the towering oaks and
Spanish moss to where a small herd of white-tailed deer foraged.

His pantry was already full, or he would have stopped and hunted for
fresh venison. He shrugged and braked the SUV as a seven-foot alligator
lumbered across the road.

The surrounding beauty soothed his aches. The wilderness spoke peace to
him. And, no matter how he searched, he found the calm nowhere else.
This was his refuge. It ensured his privacy and guarded his secrets.

After parking in his moss-covered oak-lined driveway, Sam hurried to the
plantation house he had spent the last few years restoring. He had just
kicked off his shoes by the front entrance when the telephone rang.
After dropping his keys on the entry table, he sprinted to the living
room and grabbed the phone. “Hello.”

“Hey, Sam. You have a job for me?”

The telltale click of the pen in the background, Blake’s trademark
sound for thinking, was a good sign. “Yeah, author Elizabeth
Winters. Make her top priority.”

“What’s going on?”

Sam imagined Blake sitting forward, anticipating the hunt while flashing
a predatory smile. “She’s written an interesting book about how
our kind is forced to fight the Vampire. I want her found.” He
glanced out sliding glass doors, anxious for a run. Anything to rid
himself of the tension building within his body.

“Got it. Anything else I need to know?”

Leaning against the living room wall, Sam ran his fingers through his
hair before he admitted his greatest hope. “My gut tells me that
she may be one of us.”

“No problem, Sam. You know how committed I am to finding our people
who have been forced to go into hiding. Are you telling me you want me
to put the other projects on the back burner? This is that important?
More important than finding out who are the traitors hiding amongst our
kind, important? More important than finding Samantha?”

“For now. I have a strong feeling about this. Besides, you still
have feelers out if any of your sources locate my sister. Your
assistant can keep tracking crime rates in the major US cities. Mark
will let you know if anything jumps out at him.”

“That’s true. All right. I’ll get right on it and call you
when I have something solid to pass on.”

With a quick goodbye, Sam decided to go ahead and pack a bag for travel.
It wouldn’t take Blake long to track down the information. For now,
Sam could do nothing more. It was in Blake’s hands.

~Kiera Black

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