500. BOOK EXCERPT: Sex Me Down ~ Tianna Xander & Bonnie Rose Leigh

Sex Me Down
Tianna Xander & Bonnie Rose Leigh
copyright 2007, eXtasy Books

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It’s time for Laynee, the second witch of the Carrillian Coven, to
call upon her mates. A Savari blood-drinker, a Tigerian Shapeshifter,
and a High Priestess of Carrillia must forge an alliance if they are to
thwart the Banart Army. Can a shy bookseller find the courage and
strength to love two powerful men who have suffered at the hands of
their enemies?


Laynee Mikalosa sat at her communications terminal, stunned. “What
do you mean, I’m the next?”

“This is your month, Laynee. When the moons reach their zenith, if you
chant the correct spell, you shall draw your mates to you.”

Laynee swallowed past the lump suddenly lodged in her throat. Her hands
trembled, so she wrapped her hands around the mug of Javva Juice in
front of her. It wouldn’t do to have her big sister return home if
she thought Laynee needed her here. Jaynee had two new mates to take
care of now. She didn’t want her sister feeling like she needed to
step in to make things right.

Not that she ever asked Jaynee to fix her mistakes, but she’d never
stopped her sister from coming in and making things better either.
She’d much rather surround herself with ancient tomes and lose
herself in the worlds and adventures of others than venture out on her
own. Laynee bit her bottom lip, then sighed.

Perhaps, it was time to stretch her wings a bit. What harm could there
be in casting this spell to find her mate—or mates—if she
believed Jaynee’s story? And seeing the two gorgeous men who stood
behind her sister, she didn’t doubt the possibility that a mate or
two awaited her somewhere in the far reaches of space and time. The
question she needed to ask herself though was whether she had the
courage to cast the spell or would she sit back and let the opportunity
pass her by.

Her tummy flipped in nervous apprehension, but the growing dampness in
her panties was proof enough she didn’t find the idea totally
repugnant either.

With her resolve strengthened, Laynee straightened her spine, dropped
her hands from around her cup, leaned back, and crossed her arms beneath
her breasts.

“Tell me what I need to know, Jaynee.” She leveled her gaze at
her sister and the two men behind her. “And don’t leave anything
out, please.”

Laynee watched as her sister fidgeted in her seat. The blond man reached
out and placed his hand on Jaynee’s shoulder, while the darker one
lightly stroked her hair. She could see her sister relax beneath their
touch and that alone was enough evidence for her to know that Jaynee had
finally found the happiness that had so long eluded her.

Lost in thought, she was startled when Jaynee started to speak. It
wasn’t until she heard the word Banart that a chill of premonition
rippled down her back and she realized she needed to pay attention to
exactly what her sister was saying.

“What did you say?”

“You will not just be calling your mates to you, Laynee, but you
three shall be the next triad necessary to the war. Many of us are
needed to defeat the Banarts.”

Unwilling for her sister and her mates to see her fear, she lowered her
head to her chest and closed her eyes in thought. By the Goddess, the
Banarts were feared in every known universe across the galaxy. How could
she, a glorified librarian and bookseller, help defeat the Banarts?

She was a nobody. She had no courage. No strength. Nothing inside her
that could be used in such a battle. No matter what her sister believed,
she was obviously mistaken if she thought that the Lady Goddess had told
Jaynee her shy sister was the next to be called to this duty.

Feeling defeated, Laynee clenched her fists and sighed before raising
her head and meeting Jaynee’s gaze through the communication’s

“I know that look, Laynee. Have faith in the Lady Goddess. Have
faith in me. I would never steer you wrong.”

“And if you’re not wrong… What should I do?”

“I received the words to the spell in a dream the night of the three
moon’s alignment. Spend the next few weeks coming up with a spell of
your own using the pages of the book I sent you before my own mating,
but if you dream have faith in what it tells you. Believe in the Lady
Goddess, but above all, believe in yourself, Laynee.”

“I’ll try, Jaynee. That’s all I can promise you.”

“That’s all I can ask. I must go, sissy. There is a meeting we
must attend and time grows short. I’ve sent you the frequency of our
quarters so you can always reach us in an emergency. Take care.”

“Take care, Jaynee and many blessings on your mating.”

“Thank you and may the Lady Goddess bless you. Give my love to
mother and father.”

As the vid-screen went dark, Laynee slouched in her seat. In frustrated
silence, she ran her hands through her hair, grimacing as they got
caught in the knots that seemed to perpetually form, even moments after
brushing her wild black mane.

Laynee pushed her chair back and stood, needing to walk off some of her
anxiety. Even though her apartment was tiny, a little pacing room was
better than none.

If only Jaynee knew how hard it was to live up to her. She’d never
been outgoing and adventurous. She’d never been spontaneous or the
life of the party. If she believed, took that leap of faith, she
didn’t know where she’d land. Could she do that? Could she
really rely on blind faith that everything would work out as it should?
She just didn’t know.

Purchase Link: http://tinyurl.com/2ay5bn

~Bonnie Rose Leigh

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