499. Book Excerpt — X-Rated from Games People Play ~ Collette Thomas

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She had never felt so vulnerable, yet also felt the heat rising inside
her pussy. He had not yet made a move toward her, but simply watched as
she unhooked the front clasp and pulled the bra away releasing her full
breasts, the nipples already hard and erect beckoning him to touch them.
Her hands automatically covered them.

“Don’t!” he commanded, keeping his distance. “Keep your hands by your

Abruptly she drew her hands away suddenly realizing she wanted him to
touch her. Touch her body and alleviate that insatiable ache that often
came when she chatted online with him, or over the phone. At least then
she could relieve herself. Here, she could not, totally under his

“Keep going,” he said and knew he would continue to say the words until
she was totally naked.

It didn’t take him long to undress. He stood there, composed,
unembarrassed, his cock hard and erect yet he made no attempt to
approach her.

Instead, “Join me,” he said.

Deliberately, he entered one end of the tub, sinking and settling into
the spume of wonderfully scented froth and pulsating waters.

Slowly, she stepped into the opposite end and settled herself into the

He grinned.

“Not so bad, now, is it?” he said

She only nodded. The waters did feel wonderful on her skin. The soothing
pulsating rhythm against her body allowed her to relax.

“You have a beautiful body,” he told her. “Curves that can drive men
wild. And I want you to do that for me.”

Her eyes widened, but she said nothing.

“I want you to pleasure yourself … now!”

Her mouth dropped open.

“I want to watch. I’ve fantasized about it, imagined what you would look
like as you brought yourself to an orgasm. And you know the imagination
goes just so far, don’t you agree?”

She swallowed, then “Yes, I agree.”



“And I’m sure you’ve done the same about me?”


“Fantasized? What I must look like jacking off on the other end of that
phone line.”

Tentatively, softly, unable to repress a grin, “Yes, I admit I have …
at times, Master.”

“Then this time we get to see each other.” He chuckled. “You first.”

Suddenly, realizing he hadn’t yet touched her, and what they were about
to do would not have them touching she could not suppress some

Sensing her frustration, “There is so much I want to do to you,” he
told. “We need to take it slow. The slower the better,” he assured.

His dark hair, partly damp from the steamy water, invited her to touch
him. As well as the matted wet hair on his chest and suddenly Avril
envisioned her naked, wet body covering him, kissing him, licking him,
doing all the things they’d promised to do to each other. She’d
practiced what Zara suggested, felt she could do them now to this man
who would not reprimand her for her inclinations.

“I want to watch you cum,” he kept saying to her. “I want to witness
that look in your eyes, see that expression a woman gets when she’s

His words re-ignited a deep building pang inside, and unconsciously she
started to rub the outer part of her vulva, stroked herself all the
while looking at him, listening to him.

“Yeah, you keep doing that baby,” he encouraged as she moved her thumb
around the edge of her pussy. “I’m guessing you would love to feel my
tongue there,” he added. “In due time, my pretty one. In due time,” he
assured then started to stroke his cock, giving it an occasional shake.
“Rome wasn’t built in a day,” he kidded.

As surreal as this all seemed as the scenario played itself out, she
became fully aroused and in her fascination watched his cock grow long
and hard. Then something inside grabbed hold, and she knew she needed to
follow her impulse. Slowly she moved toward him, to his side and knew
exactly what she had to do.

Avril reached out and took his dripping wet swollen cock into her hands
and before he could protest, she began to tease it with slippery kisses.
She closed her eyes, licked the very tip then drawing more into her
mouth sucked it vigorously, purposely ignoring his feeble protests.

What price she would pay for this insubordination she would deal with

Occasionally she drew his cock out and kissed the head gently, as though
kissing his lips, paying special attention to every sensation, then
again pumped her mouth down and up.

She paused, drew him out again, swirled her tongue around the head,
rubbing the coronal ridge and the frenulum, remembering from videos
she’d ordered these were the most sensitive spots. She smiled inwardly
as his quiet protest quickly faded.

Acutely aware of her surroundings, the water jets spewed forth their
sprays against her skin, the scent of Jasmine filling the air.

Avril sensed more than heard the rhythm of his rapid breathing. This man
was still no more than a stranger, yet knew she could not feel closer to
any man than she did to this one at this moment.

She took his cock between her fingers, held it, nibbled at it,
remembering the butterfly trick, and flicked her tongue across and along
its ridge.

She relished the sounds he was making as she brought him to the point of

His moans increased. “Shit … suck harder bitch,” his tone a desperate

Realizing she was now in total control of him, she continued to suck
him, and became machinelike, unwilling to hold back.

In the back of her mind the words rang, her world had changed.

Changed forever.

Redefined her.

There was no going back. She’d now crossed that threshold.

She now played the game.

A game despite the rules; some meant to be broken.

The title of a song filtered through her mind. Strangers in the Night,
an oldie but goodie, a song her parents played over and over and over.

The song now conjured different meanings as she felt the first spurt of

His hands splayed across the crown of her head, unwilling to let go as
he screamed out her name, and his juices filled her mouth, forcing her
to swallow.

Not expecting it, strangely she tasted … cinnamon.

Collette Thomas


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