494. Maryland’s Prominent Businessman and Community Leader, John T. Wills, Pens New Book, "Just a Season"


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Maryland’s Prominent Businessman and Community Leader, John T.
Wills, Pens New Book, “Just a Season”

JUST A SEASON (Trafford Publishing, paperback, ISBN: 1425107850,
$24.95), new book by Maryland’s prominent businessman and community
leader, John T. Wills, is a luminous story into the life of a man
who, in the midst of pain and loss, journeys back in time to
reexamine all the important people, circumstances, and intellectual
fervor that contributed to the richness of his life.

This fictional narrative begins with a grief-stricken father
visiting the gravesite of his beloved son who was killed in a tragic
accident; a moment that he and no other loving parent should ever
have to face. As he sadly gazes at his son’s headstone and reads
what is inscribed there, the dates 1981 – 2001 bring about an
illuminating discovery for him. The tiny dash that separates the
years of one’s birth and death represents the whole of a person’s
life. So if this tiny dash were to tell his life’s story, what would
it say? In JUST A SEASON the dash of this man’s life is revealed and what emerges from the pages of this book is a legacy of true
benevolence and grace.

Praise for JUST A SEASON . . .
“John T. Wills captures a male bonding between generations and lets
the reader passively watch as family love and closeness unfold on
the pages . . .” — Cheryl Robinson, Host & Executive Producer of

“. . . Thank you for your example of tenderness and discipline in
what I know is a story of love, delicately shared with readers in a
way that says, this life though brief, is significant. [S]o hold it
in highest regard for “the dash” is our legacy to love ones, indeed
to the world, which we are blessed to share, albeit, for “Just a
Season.” — Sistah Joy, Poet, Cable TV Host

About the Author:
John T. Wills is the President of JT Wills Consulting, LLC, a
consulting firm that specializes in small business services in
Owings, Maryland. In addition to his business and educational work,
he is a consummate community leader and enjoys volunteering and
working with youth. JUST A SEASON is his first novel.

JUST A SEASON is on sale now and may be purchased via the author’s
website at www.justaseason.com. The book is also available online at
PagesInBlack.com, Amazon.com, and Trafford.com.

John T. Wills
Trafford Publishing
$24.95 US; ISBN: 1425166989

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