479. What to do with a Naked Leprechaun ~ Tianna Xander

What to do with a Naked Leprechaun
By Tianna Xander
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Liam is a guardian, sworn to protect those with the blood of the
Supernaturals. He should feel no love, no passion, no desire for his
charge, but he does. In order to build a life with her, he must ask a
boon of his queen and king. He must become a real man for what human
woman could ever love a leprechaun?
Cassie is on the run, hiding from an enemy that is determined to see her
dead. She spends her life isolated on a mountain, living off the land.
When a man-a very naked man-falls out of the sky, what’s a woman to do?
She takes him home of course.

When violence erupts on the mountain, will Liam be able to save her and
will Cassie find it in her heart to love a Leprechaun?


As soon as his back was turned, she parted the robe and pushed. It slid
from her shoulders and fell into a heap at her feet. She sauntered to
the edge of the water, knowing he kept his back turned–either to
give her privacy while she dressed, or make things easier on him. He
might have thought if he didn’t have to look at her naked body, perhaps
he could rid himself of the huge hard-on he’d tried so desperately to
hide from her. I don’t think so, mister.

She wanted this. She wanted him. In one day, she’d come to care about
this man. Whether it was because they had saved each other from certain
death, or because she was just so damned lonely up here on this mountain
alone, she had no idea. And she didn’t care why she felt for him. If
she couldn’t have his love, at least she could have the memory of being
with him, even for a little while.

Cammie slipped silently into the pool behind him as he stood still and
silent in the center of the pool. He started to swim for the far side.

“Don’t! The hot springs are under there, you’ll get scalded.” She had
to stop him. The burns she’d received, while minor, were quite painful.
She didn’t want him to suffer that way. It was unnecessary.

He turned, his eyes widening when she realized she was right behind him,
within arm’s length.

“Why did you follow me in here?” His gaze burned a trail down over her
shoulders and chest to settle on the rise of her breasts and exposed
nipples beneath the clear water. “I don’t know how long I can
control myself. How long I can control the need to pull you into my
arms and make you mine in every sense of the word.”

Tianna ~ http://www.tiannaxander.com http://www.tiannaxander.com ~
“Use some of your magic and fix the toilet. The damn thing is out of order.” He
just looked at me and shook his head. “Then use the men’s room. I’m a
vampire, not a plumber.” Virgin’s Blood ~ http://tinyurl.com/sxlco

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