474. Snow, Fire and Ice ~ Randi del Marco ~ Hollywood Romance

Snow, Fire and Ice


Randi del Marco

Genre: Hollywood Romance TM

Rated: H

Product Code: Snow, Fire and Ice


A chance encounter in Québec changes the life of a California teenager forever. At the time she falls desperately in love. A love that is unrequited by the sophisticated man, a decade older than she is, who saves her life.

Years later when she literally runs into him again, the changes she has made in her life allow sparks to fly and passions to mount. Only time will tell if this time she will win his love.

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Snow, Fire, and Ice

I really enjoyed reading this book because the people are three dimensional, with well-written character arcs which make you understand and empathize with Maxie and Philippe as their lives tumble down around them and then finally, at the end, when the bond they have forged over the last six years comes to a “fantasy log cabin in the snow, fireplace dancing behind them as they make love” ending.

It’s such a cliché that if this book were not as excellently written as it is, it wouldn’t work — but it does, big time! The only problem with a book this good is that I know I can never find a man as great as Philippe.

Christine Andersen is the author of The Cannes Film Festival available from Rosa Romance Publishing Company at http://rosaromance.com Christine has produced feature films and has been a Creative Executive, a V.P., a President, and a CEO of various film companies during which she worked on hundreds of screenplays many of them from books.

For more information about Christine please visit http://ChristineAndersen.com.

Pepper On Location

Randi del Marco is currently working on Pepper On Location, a series of books that parallel her own life in the film industry. These books will take you the reader on location with Pepper Wright as she works as the bubbly assistant to Dustin Chrome, a brilliant but curmudgeonly line producer, on films shooting in places as far apart as Edmonton and Nairobi, Sydney and Cincinnati.

Pepper enjoys her job, especially as it allows her to meet all kinds of fabulous men, both those who work on the films and those who live in the countries her career takes her to.

Pepper is responsible for keeping Dustin organized through his megalithic multi-tentacled deals and, more importantly, she soothes the souls of cast and crew that he barks at obliviously while focused on the more important aspects of his job.

Randi’s Pepper On Location series will give the reader an enticing and pleasurable ride, visiting a different location and salacious seductions with each new novella.

Visit Randi’s website today and read more about this exciting new author.

Escape from your life. Join Randi on her many adventures!

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Randi del Marco website: http://randidelmarco.com/

Coming soon – Pepper on Location

Publisher: Rosa Romance Publishing Company Inc.


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