471. Book Excerpt: A Fine Deceit – Devlin O’Neill and Georgia Lynd


‘A Fine Deceit’ – Devlin O’Neill and Georgia Lynd.

Bodice ripper.
Historical romance.
iUniverse, Lincoln, 2007.

From Chapter 1 –

His fingers shook as he grappled with his purse and pulled out a
silver coin. He held it up and she laughed, an airy, tinkling sound,
and reached down to take it. As she grasped the coin she leaned over
and her lips brushed his cheek, like butterfly wings against a stone,
and he gasped. Then she dropped the coin into her bodice and twirled
away. Drake’s eyes followed her, and he forgot to blink until the
men’s chuckles gave way to raucous laughter.
“All right, you lot. That’s enough.”
“We was only looking, Captain. Like we was told to.”
“Wharton’s right, Captain. Only you never told us what to do
if they wants to do more than look.”
Drake stood and straightened his tunic. “You’ll keep on
looking, Prager. I’m going for a piss.”
“We’ll just keep a-looking whilst you’re gone, then.”
“You do that.”
He took a deep breath and concentrated on walking a straight
path toward the trees, but paused when Anjay stalked from between two
wagons on the other side of the circle and grabbed the arm of the
girl who had danced for him. The man waved a finger in her face as he
pulled her back the way he had come. A small boy sat on a wooden box
and watched, and Drake smiled as he walked over to him.
“Anjay seemed very displeased with that girl.” Drake shrugged
when the boy made no sign he heard, only continued to stare until
Drake pulled out his purse. “Is she Anjay’s wife?” He held out a
copper coin, and kept hold when the boy grabbed it.
“His sister, Vittani.”
Drake let go of the coin and nodded. “What’s your name?”
“I am called Sancho.”
“I’m Drake.”
“I know. Anjay is my uncle. He will be chief after his father
“He’ll be a good one.”
“Yes. He is strong.”
“He is that.” Drake touched his hat brim. “Good night,
The boy nodded and looked away as Drake paced on toward the
woods. He stepped behind the first trees and then quietly but quickly
skirted the clearing, hidden by the foliage and the deepening
twilight. Anjay stood in the half-circle of light cast by an oil lamp
that hung by a line from a wagon box, and gesticulated as he scolded
Vittani in the Romany tongue. She stamped her foot and bashed closed
fists against her hips as she argued, then pulled Drake’s coin from
her bodice and brandished it at her brother. He growled and snatched
it away, and flung it into the woods. She stared for a moment, then
pressed her fingers to her lips and began to weep when Anjay shouted
at her and unbuckled a strap from a bundle of harness tack. He
shouted again and pointed at a wooden crate, and Vitanni whined,
stomped her foot again but not very hard, and swiped wetness off her
smooth cheek as she knelt and leaned forward over the box.
Drake held fast to the bole of an elm, mouth open and dry, as
he gazed upon the scene. Vitanni’s back was turned to him, and black
eyes glistened as she peered over her shoulder. Anjay leaned down and
shook the leather strap an inch from her nose while he continued to
scold, and then whisked up her dress and underskirts. She wailed and
ankle bracelets jangled as delicate toes pounded the grass, but she
made no move to rise from her ignominious position. Drake covered his
mouth to still a lascivious moan at the sight of Vitanni’s slender
limbs and plump backside, all quite naked, warm and glowing in the
lamplight. Anjay raised the strap high and lashed the round orbs of
her behind, and Drake took a half step toward her when she squealed,
but then shook his head and clutched the tree more tightly.
Leather rose and fell a dozen times, each sharp crack
painting a hot stripe across tender flesh and drawing a sorrowful
screech from the girl’s throat. She writhed and kicked, and Drake
licked his lips as he caught glimpses of feminine charms, unwittingly
displayed in her frenzy. He gritted his teeth and adjusted his
codpiece to accommodate an involuntary reaction, and released a long-
held breath when Anjay stopped and reattached the strap to its
Vitanni whimpered and sobbed as Anjay replaced her skirts and
pulled her to her feet. She leaned on his chest and nodded
continually as he spoke to her softly, and after a few moments he
helped her climb into the back of the wagon. He shook his head and
ambled toward the lamp, then stopped and his gaze swept the trees.
Drake stood motionless, staring straight into the Gypsy’s eyes, but
at that instant a horse whickered and hobbled into Anjay’s line of
vision. He took a few paces and patted the horse’s withers, glanced
about once more, then turned and went back inside the wagon circle.
Drake took a deep breath and walked a few feet deeper into
the woods and unfastened his codpiece. Water arched like a fountain
from its stiff and hardened source, and he shut his eyes to view once
more Vitanni’s soft and beguiling hind parts so harshly treated. He
shook himself and then made his way through the trees to the path
from whence he had come.

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