464. BOOK EXCERPT: Stepping Up to the Plate ~ J.M. Snyder ~ Gay Erotica


Title: Stepping Up to the Plate
Author: J.M. Snyder


E-book ($6.79) = http://www.fictionwise.com/eBooks/eBook44080.htm


At 16, Stacy Evans dropped out of high school in the hopes of moving
on with his life. But four years later, he’s stuck in an abusive
relationship and works long hours at a dead-end job. Then he enrolls
in a program to earn his GED and meets Darian, a woodshop teacher
and local businessman who takes Stacy under his wing. But as their
relationship deepens, Stacy finds he must chose between his
promiscuous past and the promise of a future with Darian.

In the excerpt below, Stacy has started working at Darian’s shop
after school hours. This is a quick look at their relationship,
which has developed into a bit more than teacher and student by this
point …


At work, it was Darian who helped him `suit up,’ as the teacher
called it, and Stacy loved the few quiet moments they spent before
the shop opened, each tying the other’s apron in place. When Darian
pulled too tight at first, Stacy sucked in his breath while his
teacher slipped two large fingers between his back and the strings
to measure the distance. “Can’t … breathe,” Stacy gasped
playfully. “Passing … out …”

“Wimp,” Darian replied, a smile in his voice, as he relaxed his grip
on the strings. The apron loosened around Stacy’s waist. “How’s

With an exaggerated stagger, Stacy said, “Whoa. Head rush.”

Darian tugged the apron strings taut again. “Yeah yeah, I hear you.”

Next came the protective gloves, which were much more form-fitting
and easier to work in than the giant ones they wore in class. But
the first time Stacy put them on, they didn’t quite fit. “These

“You have to work them in,” Darian told him. “They’ve got some give
to them. Hold up your hands.”

Stacy did as he was told, raising his hands. “Stick `em up.”

Darian grinned. Pointing one gloved hand out like a gun, he
added, “Gimme all your money and no one gets hurt.”

“Will you take a check?” At Darian’s surprised laugh, Stacy
said, “I’m broke `til payday. Or hey, if I can pay some other
way …” He wiggled his hips suggestively.

Darian shook his head in that way he had that said he thought Stacy
was too much. Too much what? Stacy wanted to know. Before he could
ask, Darian took Stacy’s hands in his own, their fingers laced
together. He pressed down, stretching Stacy’s gloves until they held
each other’s hands.

Suddenly Darian was so close, his face right there, his lips, his
eyes …

Stacy couldn’t look away and didn’t dare breathe. Through their
gloves he felt the heat of Darian’s hands, their strength pouring
into his. He wanted to pull his arms back a little more, lift them
above his head, anything to get Darian closer. How easy would it be
to step into the gap between them, lock Darian’s hands with his own
and just step up against the man? What would it feel like to press
his cheek to the patch of creamy flesh visible above Darian’s open
collar? To lean into him, to give in?

Then Darian let go, releasing him, and the moment was gone. “Better
now?” he asked, his voice unusually gruff. For a moment Stacy
couldn’t speak. Darian prompted, “Are the gloves okay?”

Stacy nodded, mute. Folding his hands together, stretching the
gloves himself, he finally answered, “Yeah. Thanks.”

** END**


E-book ($6.79) = http://www.fictionwise.com/eBooks/eBook44080.htm

J.M. Snyder
Web: http://jmsnyder.net
Blog: http://jmsnyder.com
Egroup: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jmsnyder/

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