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Bachelorhood Versus Matrimony, the Sides Have Been Chosen in
Irresistible You by Francis Ray

With each successive book, the talents of Ms. Ray are enhanced .
IRRESTIBLE YOU, (St. Martin’s Griffin; paperback; March 5, 2007;
0-312-93974-4; $6.99) her latest offering, is another saga in the
illustrious Grayson series. Ruth Grayson is again playing a maternal
cupid, and has set in motion plans for her fourth and youngest son to
have a blissfully wedded life. Francis Ray has again given readers a
candid, slow- hand read.

Pierce Grayson, a connoisseur of women, is his own man. He is a one
woman man, BUT only for a ‘limited’ time. When he meets Broadway
actress Sabra Raineau with her sassy attitude, he wants her; ‘but only
for one night’.

Sabra, in Santa Fe under the guise of helping Ruth with a theatrical
production at the University, has her own agenda. But,Peirce’s
presence takes her captive, makes her question her motives, and makes
her long for some different memories of Santa Fe. Their game of
‘chess’ make cause checkmate for both of them.

IRRESISTIBLE YOU is sensual, sexy, alluring and mysterious. The drama
was subtle as Pierce and Sabra played peek-a-boo with each other’s
emotions and get caught up in a maelstrom. Ms. Ray circles the wagon
with crafty writing, mature characters and an entertaining story, and
again heightens her penmanship like the gifted writer she is.

Francis Ray is an Essence, Blackboard, and Dallas Morning News
bestselling author. Some previous novels include Any Rich Man Will Do,
Like the First Time, Trouble Don’t Last Always, Somebody’s Knocking at
My Door, I Know Who Holds Tomorrow and In Another Man’s Bed. Francis
Ray has nineteen novels in print and is at work on her next. She is a
native Texan who lives in Dallas with her family and is available for
interviews. Visit her online at http://www.francisray.com

Francis Ray
St. Martin’s Griffin; March 2007
$6.99 US; ISBN: 0312939744
In stores nationwide, March 5, 2007

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