461. BOOK PROMO: Runaway Train ~ Isabella Jordan

Cover by Trace Edward Zaber

Runaway Train

Isabella Jordan

Genre: Contemporary erotic romance

Amber Heat



Delia Strand has had enough of the endless string of loser boyfriends that have come and gone from her life. She hops on a train bound for Baton Rouge and her cousin. Maybe a new life in a new place is just the thing she needs to get her life back on track. More than anything she needs some time away from the dating game.

The sexy stranger who invites himself to her table in the lounge car is the worst sort of luck. Had it even been an hour since she’d decided to give up relationships for a while? This man is not just some player she can easily get rid of. Everything from the rugged features of his face to the way he carries himself screamed confidence, worldliness.Sex.

And he’s into some serious voyeurism. Great.

She’s wants a break from bad relationships. He’s a terrible temptation. This train is out of control…

Publisher’s page: http://www.amberquill.com/AmberHeat/RunawayTrain.html

Author’s page: http://www.isabellajordan.com/runawaytrain.php

A Special “Gems” Collection of Erotic Romance
Featuring Stories From The Following Authors
Train Me – Adrianna Dane
Runaway Train – Isabella Jordan
Good Vibrations – Lyndi Lamont
Ticket To Seduction – Trixie Stilletto
Inside Man – Caitlyn Willows

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