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Title: Power Play
Author: J.M. Snyder
Genre: Gay/Erotica


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Ryan Talonovich is the star of his college hockey team until an
accident during practice leaves him confined to a wheelchair. Then
he meets Dante Espinosa, a short track skater on the city’s speed
skating club who is hell on ice. But too many obstacles seem to
stand in the way of their budding relationship: Ryan’s struggle with
therapy. The memory of Dante’s first boyfriend, Jared. Lack of
funding to the state championship, Dante’s harassing boss, a skating
friend in love with him, and Wil Dietrich, who will do anything to

In the excerpt below, Ryan and Dante spend some quality time getting
to know each other (note: Jared is Dante’s ex) …


Their talk dissolves into more kisses, soft hands thrusting beneath
shirts, Ryan giggling when Dante brushes his fingers across his
nipples. “Don’t,” he laughs, twisting away. “I’m ticklish there.”

That turns Dante on. With a growl in the back of his throat he rolls
onto Ryan, straddling his hips, attacking him with earnest. Ryan
laughs, tries to block his hands, tries to pull away and can’t,
Dante has him trapped. “Ticklish?” Dante asks, digging into Ryan’s
ribs. Beneath him, Ryan squirms as he tries to keep Dante’s hands
from slipping beneath his T-shirt, his fingers pinching at his
nipples playfully. “You’re ticklish? You sure?”

“Dante.” The name is giggled breathlessly, and the body moving
beneath his is doing terrible things to him, making him hard for
something he hadn’t thought he missed. “Dante, stop.”

Stop. He remembers himself what, two years ago? Giggling and
laughing and playing like this, and then things got out of hand and
he said stop and Jared didn’t. He said no, and Jared told him yes.
The memory freezes him in place, his smile like ice melting away.
Stop. He does.

As Ryan gasps for breath, Dante strokes his boyfriend’s arms, long,
slow motions that relax the tense body beneath him. When he reaches
Ryan’s hands, he takes them in his and stretches his arms over his
head, laying down above him on the bed. Eye to eye, he grins at Ryan
and then kisses him between his eyebrows. “I stopped,” he whispers.

“I didn’t mean –” Ryan starts, and then Dante’s mouth covers his
upper lip, kissing the faint peach fuzz that struggles to grow
there. “Dante,” he sighs, giving into the kiss. When Dante pulls
back slightly, Ryan leans up after him, hungry for more. “Don’t

With a laugh, Dante reminds him, “You just said –“

Ryan extracts his hands from Dante’s, wraps his arms around his
neck, pulls him down on top of him. “Shh,” he whispers, his lips
telling Dante more than words ever could. This time when Dante slips
a hand into Ryan’s shirt, he doesn’t squirm away, and Dante’s
careful not to tickle too much, he doesn’t want this to end just
yet, these kisses, this soft skin beneath his. Gently he eases a
knee between Ryan’s legs, the brace on the right one hard and
unyielding, but when he shifts onto Ryan, his boyfriend moves
beneath him, grips his leg between both of his, moans as Dante’s
knee presses up against hidden flesh, an erection already growing
from their eager kisses. Dante licks down the length of Ryan’s neck,
one hand in his shirt rubbing his smooth back while the other
caresses the tender skin below his belly button, and he moves lower,
lower, kissing Ryan’s exposed stomach, swirling his tongue around
his navel, nipping the flesh between his teeth as Ryan hisses in
delight. “Please,” Ryan sighs, his fingers fumbling with his
zipper. “Dante, please.”

Dante catches Ryan’s hands in his, holds them out at his sides, and
doesn’t go lower than the waistband of his jeans. “Dante,” Ryan
sobs, he wants it, Dante can feel the need radiating from him, the
desire, the hunger, it matches his own. But he doesn’t want to rush
through this, he doesn’t want something fast and hurried that will
wedge itself between them so soon — if they do anything now, then
they’ll have to do it again the next time they’re alone, isn’t that
the way it worked with Jared? Once the touching began, it spiraled
from there, they had to get freaky every single time they got
together, and look what that lead to. Where’s Jared now?

No, he doesn’t want that — he’s not going to lose this feeling he
has when he’s with Ryan just because they’re too horny to wait. So
he kisses his way up Ryan’s chest, licks one nipple quickly and
stops before Ryan can tell him to, then lays down beside him,
stretched out, his hand still rubbing low on Ryan’s stomach. With
glazed eyes, Ryan frowns at him. “What’s the matter?” he asks.

“Nothing.” Dante snuggles up close to him, burying his head against
Ryan’s neck and breathing deep his scent. He wants to just lay here
for the rest of the night and not worry about anything else.

But Ryan raises up on his elbows, concern written across his face
like the freckles that smatter his nose. “Don’t you want to?” he

Dante knows what he’s talking about — the front of Ryan’s jeans
bulge with an erection and Dante’s sweatpants strain against his
own. Kisses can lead to so much more, he thinks, studying Ryan’s
reddened mouth, his flushed cheeks. “Of course I do,” he replies. He
snakes an arm through Ryan’s and hugs his strong bicep tight. “Just
not yet, okay?” It may feel as if they’ve known each other for years
now but it’s only been a few days, that’s it.

For a long moment Ryan looks at him, chewing on his lower lip and
Dante can almost hear the thoughts he’s thinking right now. When
Ryan speaks, his words don’t surprise him in the least. “Is it me?”
he wants to know. “Is it because of my legs?”

God, Dante sighs, clenching his eyes shut against sudden tears. The
thought that Ryan could even think such a thing pains him, but it’s
been hard for him since the accident, Dante understands that.
Sitting up, he takes Ryan’s face in both hands and leans close,
until their foreheads touch and Dante can feel the heat from Ryan’s
skin sear his own. “Ryan,” he murmurs, “baby, no. It’s not that, not
at all, you know that. You know me.”

Ryan stares into his eyes, his gaze wavering — he wants to believe
Dante but so many others are so different to him now that he’s in
the chair, Dante knows he doesn’t trust everyone not to be that way.
But he must see something in Dante’s face, conviction or the
beginnings of love, something of the way he feels for this boy
beside him, because he takes Dante’s wrists in his hands and when he
closes his eyes, tears form between his lashes. “I know,” he
whispers. He kisses Dante’s palm and his words are muffled against
Dante’s skin. “It’s just … I’ve never done this before. I probably
shouldn’t tell you –“

“Why not?” Dante kisses the tip of Ryan’s nose, which makes those
pretty eyes open and those delicious lips smile at him. “You can
tell me anything.”

With a slight blush that colors his cheeks, Ryan admits, “I’m not
exactly Casanova here, you know. You’re only the second boy I’ve
ever kissed.”

Dante whistles low, brightening that blush. “Well, damn,” he
drawls. “You put up a good front, boy. You’re a hella fine kisser,
let me just tell you.”

Ryan’s laugh eases the tension between them. Kissing him tenderly,
Dante murmurs, “I don’t want to hurry things up, that’s all. I want
us to last as long as we possibly can.”

“Me too,” Ryan tells him. Another kiss and he says it again, his
lips forming the words against Dante’s own. “Me too.”

** END**

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J.M. Snyder
Web: http://jmsnyder.net
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